Regurgitating and failing to challenge Tory divisions

happen quicker if Scotland brought back mass vaccination centres.

We’ve been here before. An opposition party gets to repeat an accusation long disproven and gets away unchallenged by BBC Scotland.

We’re now long past the advantages of mass vaccination centres where people just turn and queue.


In July, the attendance at one of the last mass centres was ‘disappointing’ and was closed, to mass protest by Labour, Tories and DLs despite it having become UK Government tactics a month earlier:

And why did it become UK policy? Because mass vaccination centres only work well at first when most still need a jag and when they are available to queue for hours because they’re furloughed.


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7 thoughts on “Regurgitating and failing to challenge Tory divisions

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  1. A quick look online reveals that different health boards are operating their flu and Covid vaccination programmes in different ways, including the use of everything from mass centres to mobile and pop-up facilities; from involvement of GPs in delivering flu jags to no involvement of GPs in this.

    As one example, according to its website NHS Lothian is operating in a mixed mode way: ‘Clinics are available in mass vaccination centres as well as community locations for people over the age of 12 to receive their first and second dose of the COVID vaccination.’

    These larger venues are in Bathgate, Ingliston and Gorebridge. The former two at least are offering everyone over 12 a drop-in service as well as utilising booked appointments. In addition there are local community clinics offering vaccinations in Edinburgh (2), Bonnyrigg and Haddington, and there is also a mobile drop-in vaccination unit in operation.

    NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is operating 19 vaccination clinics: ‘The sites are also able to accommodate significant numbers of people.’

    On this and other matters it seems that oppositional politicians in Scotland are AGAINST centralised, top down direction by the Scottish Government in principle but by implication FOR such centralised control in practice when it suits the same politicians to be critical of the Scottish Government.

    The website of the Tories in Scotland (dated 1 September 2021) proclaim their ‘Empowering localism’ message – is this except when health boards’ operational decisions on vaccine delivery should be overridden by government in Edinburgh?

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    1. GPs tend to be involved in rural practices and all medical practices in vaccinating the housebound. The latter being done by district nurses and practice nurses on the whole.

      GP contract in 2018 included commitment to phase out their involvement in organising/carrying out vaccinations apart from rural practices.


  2. Och, no Wallet-Locked-Shut enunciating from his teleprompt again, amazed to be honest how the Scottish Office uncivil”-servants” can keep up with providing the script, given the governor juaneral requires oversight from deepest darkest Dumfriesshire using his vintage equipment…
    It’s the same old “Yer doin it wrong Scotland” to disguise England in deep doo-doo…

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  3. As a retired Loss Adjuster, I can say with certainty, some of the worst fires I ever dealt with were due to chip pans, or should I be pedantic and say, due to overheated oil or fat. Worst ones usually involved alcohol as a factor.


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