Less than 20% of Scottish nurses might, perhaps, maybe strike

In the Herald today:

NURSING leaders involved in a pay dispute with the Scottish Government are considering their next steps after a ballot of members found that almost six out of 10 could be prepared to go on strike.

An indicative ballot for the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) found that as well as the 58 per cent who would be prepared to go on strike, almost nine in 10 (89.5 per cent) were prepared to take industrial action short of a strike.


When was the last time we had a laugh at an inept, deliberately misrepresented strike ballot in the MSM?

The Royal College of Nursing has, I’m sure, researchers who know they’ve had to beef up the disappointing results of another survey in an effort to make it seem like they can back up their threats and, perhaps, cheer Anas Sarwar up.

See, the 6 out of 10 is rubbish. Only 30% could be bothered to respond so really they have less that 2 out of 10, at best.

History tells us the other 8 are not even remotely likely to be in favour of strikes. Those angry and determined enough to follow through with such threats, responded and even the 20% contains quite a few who are all talk in an ‘indicative’ ballot.

They’ve just had an ‘inflation-busting’ 4%, ahead of the late-offer of 3% in England and 7 out of 9 unions involved in NHS Scotland accepted. The RCN has been in dispute with the Scottish Government since 23 June and they’re going to strike just before Christmas? Sure they will.

Go on RCN, try a ballot where agreeing leads to real action and see how many you get.

15 thoughts on “Less than 20% of Scottish nurses might, perhaps, maybe strike

  1. The RCN is being disingenuous. They are making it about the Scottish Government, knowing dam well that the SG does not have the funding to pay the 12.5% asked. If the RCN is serious about a 12.5% pay rise for nurses then they need to attack the source of SG funding and that is Westminister. The RCN needs to challenge Westminister to ensure funding is available for devolved nations to pay their demands.

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  2. I noticed a spokeswoman for the nurses union being interviewed on STV this evening claiming that the nurses needed a pay rise because they are exhausted.
    Will an extra 8% in their pay packets make them feel less exhausted?
    By their reasoning the money would be better spent on recruiting more nurses to alleviate the undoubted stress their members are experiencing.

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  3. I’m struck in a bad way, the anti-union agenda of some people. And a lack of research to see what the usual response to a survey or ballot is from a particular body. During Indy Ref 1 RCN’s response rate was between 20% and 30% for various surveys. In this case, the MEMBERS of RCN in Scotland rejected the pay offer back in May this year.


    26.9% of eligible members took part in the vote, and 68.5% of those who took part voted to reject the offer.

    The almost 30% participation of this survey is actually higher than the pay rise rejection. And those for industrial action short of a strike is 89.5%, compared to the 68.5% who rejected the rise in the previous vote. By anyone’s definition that’s a hardening of rejection.

    perhaps, cheer Anas Sarwar up

    Dearie dearie me. Who cares either way? He’s a politician.


    1. I believe the point John was attempting to make was that 58% of 30% is a far cry from the “6 out of 10 nurses could strike” misleading headline posted by the Herald.

      There has been a pattern of such misrepresentations when it relates to SG, everything from self-selecting samples to simple statements with no background data, to Sandesh Gulhane having to work all the hours god sent leaving only mere minutes to be an MSP and be hosted for interviews by BBC Scotland in his scrubs, not to mention the recent GMB farce.

      It’s not an “anti-union” agenda, it’s an anti-propaganda agenda.

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      1. Bob, the article in the Herald (which I read at the time) did make it clear:

        Although less than 30 per cent of the union’s eligible members responded, leaders are considering their next moves.

        Unionists are dismissing the mandate on the basis that less than 50% of the electorate – not those who voted – voted for an Indy Ref 2 supporting party. We shouldn’t follow their ways by doing as this article does – multiplying the actual results of the ballot, by the 30% who replied to make it 20% for a strike.

        THAT is exactly what the unionists would love to support in their undemocratic atttempts to stop Indy Ref 2 happening. And for what? A headline in the Herald? Really? Is that worth the end of Indy Ref 2 and the end of Independence ambitions?


        1. Dammit man, you have quite deliberately evaded the entire point, “headlines”.
          THAT is why specifically I posted “I believe the point John was attempting to make was that 58% of 30% is a far cry from the “6 out of 10 nurses could strike” misleading HEADLINE posted by the Herald.” – MY EMPHASIS
          Do you honestly believe folks don’t get the gist from the headline ? That bridge for sale earlier would be entirely appropriate.

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          1. The headline is completelyh correct:

            Six out of 10 Scottish nurses could strike amid pay dispute

            That’s what the survey showed,


  4. Anyways, on 9th Dec Kate Forbes sets out the draft budget for 2022 to 23, and though this shows a drop of block grant in total including the Covid funding, it shows a rise in the core resource funding. This follows the UK (including England and Wales departments) budget on October 27. Until we see the draft Scottish budget we won’t know what the effect of the increase / decrease will be.

    Neither do the unions, nor do any of the public sector workers they represent. But they have just 4 weeks to make their case for extra funding – and wages – also considering that unlike previous budgets, with the Greens now part of the Government there’ll be little or no negotiating for more money for, say, councils by the Greens. Presumably it’ll all be in that draft budget, with of course the usual relatively small adjustments in reply to requests from Lab, Con and LibDem. Meanwhile some councils are announcing highly ambitious and unfunded expensive schemes in response to COP26. I daresay they’ll be making their case for a share of whatever cake there is as well.

    They are all as capable of reading this paper as I am:



  5. I’m struck in a bad way, the anti-union agenda of some people?

    Lifelong union member from the mighty TGWU to the also pretty powerful EIS but latterly some union leaders are abusing their members for a Unionist/Labour agenda to attack SNP.

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      1. If you sense a conspiracy going on, think ten times worse. A US president said that, can’t remember which one it was though.
        Have the unions been deployed to do the SNP harm? You bet they have.


    1. John, seriously now, is this conspiracy by the RCN against the SNP, the reason they’re holding exactly the same indicative ballot for their members in England and in Wales – to conspire against the SNP who, errr, don’t even stand for election there?


  6. So from a survey of 30% of the workforce , 60% of whom agreed with the views of the question ( which we don’t see ? ), the media run with the story that ALL of Scotland’s nurses are
    a) exhausted b) ready for strike action .

    Does Alister Jack agree with these figures as ( as DRoss appears to ) being indicative of the mood of the workforce or does he wish to see a 60%+ figure for at least a couple of years before he will accept their validity ?

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