Conservative Government risking safety of women refugees

Thanks to for alerting me to this.

Though the report does include six references to the role of the Home Office in regulating what happens here, the headline which many only read, does not make that clear.

Though the text does make these Home Office references it does not clarify for the reader, explicitly, that nothing that happens here is an SNP Government responsibility. Thanks to confusion in many heads and the headline, it needs to.

One thought on “Conservative Government risking safety of women refugees

  1. The BBC (especially here in Scotland) reaches few of the norms of ethical journalism.

    Context—an E-mail from a Tory.

    Perspective–see-through plastic.

    Named sources—-a river near a town.

    Balance and attribution—A dance class, perhaps?

    Corroboration—- A type of canoe?

    Answers on the back of the BBC Apprenticeship scheme.
    AKA–Young Brit Nats’R’us

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