Clear pattern running right through corrupt Tory government.

Geoffrey Cox: Conman and coward – ducksoap

From SNP Westminster Press Office:

The SNP has ramped up pressure for an immediate full public inquiry into the rampant Tory sleaze and corruption scandals, following yet another day of damning sleaze revelations.

The call follows reports that – 
  Scandal-hit Tory MP Geoffrey Cox missed a number of votes in Parliament as he was on a trip thousands of miles away in Mauritius. It comes after earlier revelations that Cox took advantage of lockdown rules to vote in the Commons by proxy so that he could go to the Caribbean to work on his second job. Separate analysis published in the Guardian also revealed that he has earned at least £6m from his second job since he entered Parliament. Tory MP Mark Pawsey earns around £30,000-a-year as chairman of a packaging lobby group – while speaking in Parliament in support of watering down environmental laws that would benefit plastic producers. Tory MP Alun Cairns secured a second job at diagnostics firm BBI Group just before it was part of a consortium that secured a staggering £75m government contract for lateral flow tests. And, senior Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith chaired a UK government taskforce that recommended a change in rules to benefit a multi-million-pound hand sanitiser company he held a second job with.
Commenting, SNP MP Pete Wishart said:

“It’s beyond any doubt that reports of Tory sleaze and cronyism are not isolated incidents – it is a clear pattern running right through this corrupt Westminster Tory government.

“Boris Johnson has said that those who break the rules ‘must be investigated and should be punished’ – he must now come good on his words and commit to a full public inquiry into rampant Tory sleaze and corruption at all levels, including at the very top.

“Those responsible must be held to account – including the Prime Minister himself.

“From being in the Caribbean and Cayman Islands rather than the Commons, lobbying for firms, lucrative Covid contracts, cash for curtains, texts for tax breaks, or luxury holidays paid for by mystery donors – the Tories are rotten to the core.

“The only way to get to the bottom of this sleaze-ridden swamp is with an immediate full public inquiry. 

“Westminster is broken beyond repair. It’s clear that the only way to escape the rampant Tory cronyism and sleaze is by becoming an independent country.”

Geoffrey Cox misses four Commons votes while in another island 6,000 miles from Britain

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Tory MP moonlighting as packaging lobby chair tried to soften environmental laws on plastic

Ex-minister Alun Cairns took job at Covid firm weeks before £75m contract

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Geoffrey Cox accrued at least £6m from second job while a parliamentarian

5 thoughts on “Clear pattern running right through corrupt Tory government.

  1. Tsk ! Tsk ! You ruddy SNP moaners have NO IDEA how Westminster works !

    None of the deliberately vague and completely ambiguous ”rules” which govern honourable members has been broken .
    Tory MPs are experts at treading the ever so fine line between consultancy advice and paid advocacy in arcane areas where they haven’t a scooby – and are well aware of the price that must be paid for crossing this line – usually about £50000 per annum !


  2. Westminster under the Tories can’t really be called a government can it, it’s a cabal.
    They are a club, and only those who agree with them and pay in legit or not, are allowed in.
    With Starmer Mr. wet blanket, a Tory in all but name, England is a one party state. How terrifying to be shackled to that state, worse even than perhaps many of us thought post Brexit and it’s only just the start. Starmer has said he would not entertain the idea even, to rejoin the EU, but wants to ‘make Brexit work’. The English so called ‘government’ is now a despot backward looking and dangerous organisation/corporation.

    Scotland, better make your move, not the ‘slowly slowly catchy monke’ tactic now,
    it was have to be a lightning strike, fast, extremely well thought out campaign, making clear what the consequences of Tory/Labour rule will be in the coming months and years, no telling us all how graet you are tell us all how dreadfully dangerous the BritNat state is taking us if we do not escape it.


  3. The last thing I want to read is something from cosy slippers Peter Wishart with his faux outrage. Almost as bad as ‘bust my buttons’ Blackford, bloviating about how Scotland won’t stand for being dragged out of the EU, blah, blah, blah. With leaders like these, and don’t forget the Sturrells at the top of the heap, it’s no wonder Scotland is mired in this f****ing Union.

    Liked by 1 person

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