‘Tainted and dark money a test of Ross leadership’

From SNP Media:

The SNP has today called on Douglas Ross to “come clean” over corruption as the Scottish Tories refused to reject tainted donations and distance themselves from dark money.

As revealed today, the Tories have failed to hand back tens of thousands of pounds in donations from two firms linked to criminal activity. The Tories have also refused to rule out taking more donations from such businesses in the future.

And the stench of sleaze and corruption from Westminster is spreading to Scotland with more reports of so-called “dark money” donations to an anti-independence campaign group which supported pro-Union parties like the Tories during the Holyrood election this year. It is suspected that these dark money donations – which are designed to keep the identities of the original donors secret – may breach electoral law.

Commenting, SNP MSP Audrey Nicoll said:

“There is an increasingly nasty stench emanating from the Scottish Conservatives. As well as taking cash from businesses tainted with ties to criminal behaviour,  they are also associated with shadowy groups bankrolled by secret dark money.

“Where the voting public is entitled to transparency there are only dark shadows, cast deliberately to mask the truth about a growing tide of dodgy donations. It is dangerous and unhealthy that those with the deepest pockets can secretly influence our democracy.

“It should not be difficult for the Scottish Tories’ to rule out accepting money from companies linked to criminal activity. This is a test of Douglas Ross’s leadership in Scotland. He must come clean by accepting these donations are deeply tainted and refuse to accept any further funds from these sources. over the levels of sleaze he is willing to accept.

“While the party isn’t responsible for the behaviour of external companies or individuals employed by the firms – parties are responsible for the company and cash they choose to accept and keep. The Scottish Tories cannot claim to be any different from their Westminster colleagues if they accept tainted and dark money donations.

“Scotland wants no part in the sleaze, cronyism and corruption which has become endemic in Westminster. The only way we can shake it off for good is to become an independent country.”


6 thoughts on “‘Tainted and dark money a test of Ross leadership’

  1. The dark money may be likened to
    Being the oil that lubricates Scot,s Tories
    No to Independence
    But it is so dark that in these instances
    Tis Black Black Oil

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    1. Indeed, DRoss and ‘leadership’ does bring on a grin, a grin of embarassment that this snidey wee trougher is anywhere near the levers of power, anywhere.
      Jeez, how the heck do these people get on the troughers’ ladder, it’s so damn cringeworthy. DRoss has special rewards awaiting him, HOL’s anyone? My it’s cocococolddd in Scotland at the moment.

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