Scotland ahead on all three vaccines

Scotland has now vaccinated a higher percentage of its population on all three vaccines, leaving the other three nations lagging behind.

BBC Scotland have uncovered concern about rise in cases in Dumfries and Galloway but have stopped reporting vaccinations these days. A source tells us they’ve just lost interest now. It’s no fun when we’re no longer lagging behind.

2 thoughts on “Scotland ahead on all three vaccines

  1. The key use ( or misuse ) of the word FUN as far as ABC (BBC ) Concerned
    On 2 grounds
    1.If really fun for them so so sad
    2.If Misuse then only Nazis found that amongst many of their hideous actions
    That making of propaganda for nefarious purpose was indeed fun but by misuse only

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  2. Sorry but I’m having a gripe at the SNP today.
    Missed the start so not sure if the whole interview covered this but BBC ‘Politics Scotland’ yesterday afternoon was quizzing (I presume) a Scot Gov Minister on a number of topics and in the short excerpt I saw was about climate change. In her response to yet another aggressive question the Minister said something like ‘yes we are going thro’ a sticky patch’ and I wondered if in the same situation a Tory Gov Minster would have said that… I doubt it. This is not an isolated instance either it seems to be every time I tune in I hear some SNP spokesperson apologising for something or other which is very irritating. They maybe very able at their respective jobs but I feel there is a urgent need for some inhouse training in how to deal with a hostile media such as we have in Scotland. Everyone recognises Politics can be dirty at times but with a Tory Gov on the rack over sleaze allegations it is surely time to ‘put the boot in’ (not literally of course) but it is this seemingly lack of passion and belief in the SNP that is getting very frustrating.


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