Good news for Scots as the Scotsman collapses by 50% in only 5 years

Home of monstrous daily Unionist lies, the appalling Brian Wilson, Brian Monteith and John McLelland, the Scotsman is sinking below the waves. Only 5 007 people buy a copy over the counter these days and only 10 021 in total, pay for it in any format.

Look at this:

50% down in only 5 years and only a seventh after less than 20.

It couldn’t happen to better bunch of hacks.

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16 thoughts on “Good news for Scots as the Scotsman collapses by 50% in only 5 years

  1. A newspaper, once, of repute.
    Now its reputation stinks. Hold your noose as you walk past it.

    It could have been sold for £50 million a few years ago—now even subventions from the Hi Jack Bunker wont keep it afloat.
    Though the Brit Nats will be desperate to have this lying, fraudulent, huckster, yellow-page gutter-sniping operational for indyref 2.

    Wilson has already slithered over to the Herod to pedal his “opinions”.
    Who would touch the hate-flecked Monteith?
    McLelland will get a gig on the Mail or some other colonial rag.

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  2. What you sow
    Tis what you reap
    One wonders how supposedly “clever ”
    People believe they smart
    But in reality score NIL points in the
    Wisdom Department
    Where is Wisdom to be found
    From within yourself
    You are born with it
    It is essential for your survival
    Suppress or ignore at the most dire of your peril
    Most of the World has done so
    Hence we now confront our very extinction

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  3. I wrote a lot of reports and features for The Scotsman over the years. I learned a lot and enjoyed working shifts there. I still have several very-good friends, excellent journalists all, working there. It’s a terrible shame what the paper has become, but, it’s all down to bitter, out-of-touch, right-wing management.

    And, the Herald, of which I also have lovely memories, is every bit as bad now. The flag bearers in the Union’s desperate efforts to keep us Scots imprisoned in its dying embers.

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  4. And to think, I used to buy a daily copy for30 of my 77 years until a certain Andrew Neil became Editor in Chief. I don’t even bother to read anything from it, even though articles come up in social media. Such a pity for a once great paper.

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  5. Bottom line is that it is not commercially viable and probably has not been for some time. So who is subbing it to keep going?

    I guess I wont be invited to the Scotland Office for their Xmas party then. 😦

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      1. Robert, they did indeed during the height of the Covid pandemic when the Newspapers were clamouring for support for their “quality journalism”.

        For the Government to be seen to support other sectors and leave out the Newspapers would have been seen to be churlish. I don’t think the BBC was supported though.

        I do hope that specific Scottish Government support has now ended for the Herald and Scotsman.

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  6. I take the point about the lies they put out. But if it closes them only the herald stands between Scotland and no quality newspaper (yes yes I know the irony of this). We would be reliant on the groniad etc or the internet (which is like the wild west, but lacks the sophistication) or the good old daily record. A vibrant and inquisitive media expressing a range of views, will be needed after independence.

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