An extreme case for leaving Westminster behind

In a report by BBC UK but unlikely to headline on Reporting Scotland or, if it does, presented in a way to implicate the Scottish Government, there is a harrowing tale of the DWP’s callous disregard of the terminally ill, based in part on Christine McCluskey of Dundee.

Imagine if Christine’s benefits had been devolved to the SG? Imagine the faux compassion and rage from Sarwar and the others.

After more than a decade the DWP’s brutality is the inevitable outcome of Tory Britain.

In Scotland, as of Summer 2022, disability assistance for the terminally ill will be fully devolved and will use a different, less restrictive, definition and a more compassionate and more respectful procedure with a view to ending the above brutality. You can read an account here:

13 thoughts on “An extreme case for leaving Westminster behind

  1. Given the number of individual cases Reporting Scotland has given air time to in the past, then Mrs McCluskey’s case is one which deserves mention.

    However, given that Good Morning Scotland was aggressively interviewing MPs who opposed the UK Government’s fiasco over the Owen Paterson affair – e.g. what was wrong with Mr Paterson being able to vote? and Shouldn’t the system be overhauled? – so I do not think the treatment of Mrs McCluskey and 99 others, by the UK DWP is something BBC Scotland will bother with?

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  2. Aye Prof we all know Westminster and the Tories in particular will hammer the poor, the disabled and the unemployed.

    We should also imagine what might have been if the current Scottish Government hadn’t delayed implementation of fully devolved Welfare Powers until 2024 or had put someone other than SAS in charge of the Social Security brief in 2016!

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    1. During COP26 the SNP had

      Shirley Anne Somerville

      “We shouldn’t forget that we are the first government to begin the separation of a highly integrated welfare system between two countries.”


    1. Delay due to English government delaying/slowing transition of devolving (some) welfare powers to Scotland. I don’t think they have been particularly helpful in making sure the transition takes place as scheduled, not surprised one bit.

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  3. Spotted the gaunt picture of Christine McLuskey on the Scotland webpage this morning, read the article and mentally pictured a sneering Ian Drunken-Smith.

    Although I wish SG well in fashioning a less inhumane system than was created by DWP overlords and facilitated by ambitious managers, let us not forget who holds the purse strings here….

    The fundamental changes required to rebuild a social safety-net Scotland can be proud of requires much a more serious change than labels.
    Only an independent nation and government can pursue it’s own vision and course.

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    1. True Bob, but it’s not just labels, the Scottish social security system is based on
      (identified) need, and people will not be left for weeks without money and certainly will be treated with dignity and respect, not humiliated and kicked when they are down which is how the UK system operates.

      The way in which the Scottish system is being designed could hardly be more different (in how it is being designed and delivered) to the cruel and demeaning English governments’ DWP. Those in receipt of benefits, have been able to contribute by way of their ideas and preferences, in the design of the Scottish system, which is still ongoing.

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      1. Accepted Hetty, what I meant by labels is whose responsibility is politically attached despite being largely powerless to affect the financial means to achieve it.

        Though often criticised for reluctance to absorb responsibilities from the once sole domain of Whitehall, there will have been a fight going on in the background to secure adequate funding rather than stretching already tight budgets to mitigate what London already dictate.

        Rather like Mundell’s Income Tax bear-trap, SG were shrewd in planning to avoid the landmines, SG will have taken it on when they were sure the numbers added up.

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