Getting away with it all messed up, that’s the leader’s message to his team? It’s a message Scots know all-too-well

Boris Johnson knocks child to ground in touch rugby - BBC News

In 2015, then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson flattens a ten-year-old, taking himself a bit too seriously and with, not malicious but certainly callous and ego-centric, disregard for the child. He gets away with it when then elected PM only 4 years later.

It’s a long story with Johnson, a lifelong sense of entitlement, noted by his teachers, his ex-wives, his offspring and his employers. He’s been getting away with it all the way to the top and now there are wider consequences for his government, his party and for all of us.

Lying to the electorate that Brexit would free them for EU oppression and not really just free the rich from EU regulation and taxation of their interests and then the 2019 election win, confirming that enough of the voters believed them, that first lie has enabled many more.

They sent Rees Mogg to Balmoral to lie to the Queen about the need for her to suspend Parliament in September 2019. You can read the story on that here:

Then last week, they attempted to use the methods of a totalitarian regime to free a clearly corrupt colleague. James O’Brien explains it as a process by which the venality of a leader like Johnson and his practice of lying then finding a way, aided by media-collusion to get way with it, spreads to his colleagues. The less intelligent ones, especially, will try to get away with it too.

None of this is new to us:

A disturbingly chubbier version of me, in 2014, reiterated what many before me, such as Noam Chomsky, pointed out, that much of the propaganda bias against independence was the result of the work of junior journalists for whom it seemed natural or normal, for whom it was a background culture and not a series of instructions.

Creating that culture, of course, requires a few in senior positions and with longer histories, and sometimes known associations with Unionist parties. I’m thinking of the former head, John Boothman, Glen Campbell, Jackie Byrd, Kirstie Wark and of course, Sarah Smith:

MSM Monitor på Twitter: "Sarah Smith is trending after the Alex Salmond  verdict. We watched her report on the BBC News at Six where she effectively  re-ran the trial with some obvious
The BBC and Sarah Smith cannot be trusted.: Scotland
Sarah Smith: 7 sneaky reveals but still not out – Talking-up Scotland

Footnote: Tories still on course for large majority in next election.

Boris Johnson knocks child to ground in touch rugby - BBC News

14 thoughts on “Getting away with it all messed up, that’s the leader’s message to his team? It’s a message Scots know all-too-well

    1. And the most disgusting part of the latest sleaze
      That prior to the screeching rubber burning U turn
      The tories were laying the ground and setting the agenda and narrative to be rid of the chairperson of the standards committee
      In other words the guilty walk away free
      The honest are garrotted
      Along with fine upstanding Christian values
      Greed consumes their souls
      So they break the commandments
      In order to further themselves
      A place in hell is reserved for them
      And if asked to repent
      Their reply is I did not know what you meant
      To hell wi them

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  1. Thanks for these videos. Interesting. Countering lies has always been difficult. We must somehow keep this out of our media when we are independent.

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  2. While the BBC has been mentioning the “Owen Paterson affair” it is letting it slide further down the agenda and is making snide attacks on Mr Major for criticising Bozza – “he is no friend of Johnson’s”. Well that explains it all, doesn’t it? Major doesn’t like Bozza, so that is why he is criticising him. If this standards commission things isn’t scrapped, then maybe we journalists would have to start investigating things like Johnson’s refurbishment of No10, or his holidays, or his bungs to Jennifer Accari, and all the other things. In addition, if the Tories are out of power OUR gravy train jobs will go, too.

    I have heard people defending BBC and Ch4 journalists as

    ‘good people, whose hearts are in the right place’ but they have to do what the government tells them because the BBC and Ch4 will be scrapped and they will be out of jobs. So, you can’t blame them for continuing to tell us all lies. But, deep down, they are not like that.’

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  3. All this Tory sleaze brings to mind a most important question to which i have the answer
    What do you have when you have Tories up to their bottom lips in Sh**e
    Not enough Sh**e

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  4. In the news today had to laugh that following the latest sleaze in at least one poll Bojo’s popularity at ‘dipped’ below 50%. I can only think it was a sample poll taken at the select members enclosure at Twickenham. For rUk I would estimate his popularity is in single digits.

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    1. Scott
      If you a licence for last year
      Show ABC (BBC) man it
      And if he challenges you on it being out of date
      Well it is all repeats you showing anyway

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  5. Excellent video on Media Bias, John. I hadn’t seen it before and thought your points about presentation of politically biased authoritative “experts” like the Institute for Fiscal Studies & Office for Budget Responsibility as being supposedly neutral expert observers was particularly telling. It’s especially so in matters like the economy as few voters are well informed on macroeconomics.

    In 2014, it was the economy and currency in particular which lost us the vote. In case anyone is in any doubt about the necessity of us having our own currency see this from Prof Richard Murphy’s Tax Research blogsite:

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