No crisis

Reporting Scotland health correspondent uses misleading graph to obscure  lower death rate in Scotland – Talking-up Scotland 2021

Yesterday BBC Scotland’s Health Correspondent ‘informed’ us:

The NHS is under severe pressure and some doctors warn that already patients are suffering or dying unnecessarily.

A&E is seeing record waits. Thousands of people can’t get the operations they need and will become sicker as delays go on. Shortages in social care mean people can’t get out of hospital to get the care they need at home.

Every health board is working at capacity.

Covid has a significant role to play in that. There are still more than 900 people in hospital with Covid, and that means staff looking after them instead of others.

High community transmission means NHS workers get sick too, so fewer nurses and doctors with even more patients and ever longer waits.

Leaving aside that there hadn’t been more than 900 in hospital since November 3rd, only 24 hours later, the data say otherwise and you wonder if she’s just repeating what a few individuals with an agenda are feeding her.

The infection rate is flatlining, well below the February peak and with far fewer vulnerable cases.

Hospital admissions and ICU cases are falling, as cases flatline based largely on younger people, to well under half that in February.

The booster rollout is soaring, with 72% of the over 80s done and at twice the UK rate yesterday.

Hospital discharge delays are falling and well below the pre-pandemic level.

Nursing staff absences due to Covid infection have been falling for 9 weeks now to less than a quarter of that in April.

Care home staff absences due to Covid fall to only 1.1%, down from 10% in April.

School absences are stable at around 1.5% well below the September peak of 5% after return from the Summer break.

Looking at all this, you might be forgiven for think there isn’t a crisis NHS Scotland.

3 thoughts on “No crisis

  1. No crisis as much as the BritNats would dearly love to see that in Scotland. Today heard via Indy Truck Davy on twitter that the English government have voted through the English NHS bill paving the way for full on privatisation. Scotland’s NHS is next.
    Services are struggling, but not in crisis, partly Covid but also Brexit. My son’s support is suffering a bit due to staff being off ill and some no doubt have gone back to their EU home country. People with no family support are and must be the priority.
    Brexit is quite frankly terrifying imo.


  2. An odd observation from here – I had gone to a large hardware store in a hurry for some hinges, and was stopped at the door to ask for my “Certificat verde” the equivalent of the EU passport.
    Flummoxed and still in a hurry, I left without further discussion and collected them from another supplier 2 minutes away without any delay.

    I’ve no idea whether this was a promotion or it is set to become the norm, but if ever you needed a contrast between how some EU countries view the importance of vaccination and the UK/Scotland’s political football, it could not be clearer…
    Not a nightclub nor a stadium nor a mass gathering of some sort, but the equivalent of B&Q.


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