Sleekit and sneaky: the Herald sides with ‘racist’ nursery owners

Herald images editor (14) delights in another shot showing an SNP minister looking sideways

The Herald’s Health Correspondent (?) tells us:

A NURSERY ordered to introduce “consistent and robust” systems to manage admissions requests after a complaint brought by Health Secretary Humza Yousaf has accused Scotland’s watchdog of “partisan spin”. Mr Yousaf and his wife accused Little Scholars Day Nursery in Broughty Ferry, Dundee, of racially discriminating against his daughter when it refused her a place.

The BBC Scotland report is clear:

A formal complaint made by Health Secretary Humza Yousaf about a nursery he accused of discriminating against his daughter has been upheld. The Care Inspectorate found that Little Scholars in Broughty Ferry “did not promote fairness, equality and respect” when offering placements.

The methods used to prove the discrimination, though with a small sample, are fair.

The Care Inspectorate, as we have seen with care home inspections, is by no means tough on providers, so the Little Scholars are unlikely to have been treated unfairly.

Why does the Herald think that the expected indignation of those caught out, is the news?

3 thoughts on “Sleekit and sneaky: the Herald sides with ‘racist’ nursery owners

  1. As observed earlier, this story had only broken 20 minutes when it was demoted on the BBC/Scotland web-page, 8th place now after only 2 hours..
    I don’t recall seeing THAT many news stories appearing so swiftly on the page before, I wonder if who first posted it has a P45 yet ?

    However the Herald printing the defendant’s absurd “partisan spin” comment only serves to demonstrate their own “partisan spin”.

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  2. This story would have been given an anti-SNP Minister spin if the findings had gone against Humza Yousaf , as it was in favour of him it has been given an anti-SNP Minister spin .
    That is called ”balanced reporting ”.

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