STV miscalculating or distorting mental health data for a cheap scare story

Only in the TV broadcast at 6pm, reported nowhere on their website, STV tell us:

The number of young people waiting more than a year to be seen by mental health services [CAMHS] has doubled in the past 12 months.

The most recent data from Public Health Scotland is for the quarter ending 30 June 2021 and published on 7 September – not exactly latest news?

Here are the data:

Look bottom right and note 9.5% waited 53 weeks or more in the quarter ending June 2020 and 9.9% did so in the quarter ending June 2021 – not much difference and an improvement on the quarter ending March 2021?

Now look at column 3, Total Patients Seen and note the increasing number being referred. So more referrals yet a similar number waiting too long – the system is actually improving?

So, 9.5% of the June 2020 cohort is 337 and 9.9% of the June 2021 cohort is 451, not double and not even 50% more?

My attention to detail is not always good so, am I missing something or are they thick or are they devious?

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3 thoughts on “STV miscalculating or distorting mental health data for a cheap scare story

  1. STV is another BritNat media propaganda tool, HQ’d in England. It’s amazing how much of the so called media use Scottish in their title when really they are anything but Scottish. Imagine if France had German newspapers on their shop shelves calling themselves French, but HQ’d in Germany. That’s how ridiculous Scotland’s colonisation really is. Prisoners, or independence, that’s the choice.


  2. I suspect that STV was probably primed by one of the professional offence takers employed by groups campaigning for improved services. Campaigning for improved services is a laudable thing which I support, but, I have reservations about the tactics employed by some campaigners. The media have other agenda to pursue. If you sup with the devil use a long spoon.


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