Scotland has been doing more booster jags and many more for 8 out of 10 days!

The personalised propaganda only yesterday.
Daily Telegraph
And, of course, here.

Thanks to that early bird @msm_monitor for drawing my attention to these data.

England has ten times the population but was doing less than 10 times the booster jags on 15th October. Other than the 16th and the 23rd, Scotland has done more, pro rata, than England.

On the 25th, Scotland did, pro rata, 40-50% more than England.

And, cumulatively, two things. One, we’ve still done more pro rata. Two, they were counting third jabs to the vulnerable which were not boosters which explains how they supposedly started before the JCVI guidelines could be adopted.

3 thoughts on “Scotland has been doing more booster jags and many more for 8 out of 10 days!

  1. Sorry John O/T

    Very interesting articles especially the second one to me it is obvious that this was a political decision to deprive Scotland and if any voting Tory cant see this it just shows they want to do down Scotland all the time.
    It is not the first time St Fergus has been by passed I well remember Labour doing the same thing Brown being the culprit.

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  2. My wife and I were amongst the first in our age group to be vaccinated and this was on 1, February. We received our second vaccinations on 25/26, April and our boosters on 24, October. I am sure that Anas Sarwar and DRoss will find grounds in this for criticising the Scottish Government – we were actually 2 DAYS INSIDE SIX MONTHS FOR THE BOOSTER! The JCVI recommended ‘no sooner than 6 months’. Resignations must follow!!. Do you have a contact number for Lisa Summers so that she can expose this????

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