Blowback: Scotland less vulnerable to terrorism if independent

THE UK Defence Secretary has said Scotland would be “definitely more vulnerable” to terrorism threats if it became independent as it would lose access to vital shared intelligence. Ben Wallace said independence would also make Scotland more open to Russian aggression if the Trident nuclear deterrent was removed from the Faslane base on the Clyde.

Where to begin?

The rumpUK would not share intelligence with us? They wouldn’t tell us if a known threat was on a flight into Glasgow? Childish? Petty?

Mind you, nobody warned the Manchester Police before the recent bomb there.

Might we benefit from the shared intelligence from the EU that the UK has recently lost?

If we were still in NATO, might the far more engaged CIA, share threats with us?

As for Russian ‘aggression’ or better, snooping in our waters, isn’t that precisely because Trident is there? If it moved to somewhere else, wouldn’t the Russian snooping move there?

And actual terror attacks, anybody with a brain knows that it’s ‘blowback.’

The 9/11 attacks were, as Bin Laden made clear, because of the US presence and disrespect in the holy lands of Arabia.

All of the attacks in Europe have been carried out in revenge for the many deaths and destruction wreaked by Western forces, drones, cruise missiles and aerial bombardment of civilian areas.

I’m reminded of the comment by a US politician when asked why he didn’t take advice from the Army:

Have you ever seen a general with an intelligent face?

UK's evacuation into 'final hours' in Afghanistan: UK Defence Secretary

13 thoughts on “Blowback: Scotland less vulnerable to terrorism if independent

  1. Project fear all over again, but then they have kept it going for years now. With world leaders about to be flown into Scotland for the English governments’ COP26, the daily BritNat rags are telling Scotland be scared, very scared of terrorism if you dare leave us. What’s their game re this I wonder.

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  2. It would be in the interest of the rUK to continue to share intelligence once we leave for mutual beneficial reasons. Keeping terrorists out of our island is good for them. They would help us as our newly created intelligence services will help them. I note that Wallace never mentioned the loss of intelligence with the EU due to Brexit.

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    1. “It would be in the interest of the rUK to continue to share intelligence once we leave for mutual beneficial reasons”

      Ah but would it be mutually beneficial?

      Don’t recall where now, but I recently read something about MacMillan’s decisions around using Holy Loch in the first place.

      To paraphrase the leader of our Glorious Union. (Grandson of a Scottish crofter. Considered himself a Scot, apparently):

      1 – The US forces want to be able to go partying in their off-time. Let’s move it to 30 miles away from Glasgow.

      2 – In the event of an incident, the USA don’t even have to inform us they’ve pressed the button, let alone consult/ask our permission. But we really want to keep in with them.

      3 – If they do press the button, Scotland will be devastated. But England will be OK.

      2m people.
      I cried with shame.

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  3. And of course, the aliens are just sitting beyond Mars, waiting their chance at “invading Scotland”.

    When we see Lard Baron Ffoulksakia, Baroness Bella, Lord Forsyth and Baroness Mone, we might think we have already been invaded by aliens.

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  4. Westminster unionists fight with everyone. They cause terrorism. The fight with the Russians. Counties rely on Russian gas. They fight with the Chinese. Chinese money is funding everything with interest. They are borrowing Chinese monies wasting it. Then wasting monies on nuclear subs to threaten the Chinese. Where will the waste go.

    They fight with the Middle East. They have cause many illegal wars. Killing and maiming millions. Causing death, destruction and migration. They have been illegally selling weaponry for years. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act, They fight with France and the EU. They fight with the US. The Irish Protocol. They fight with Scotland and tell lies all the time.

    Much of the Defence bill goes on maintaining the estate. Maintaining unused land and building that could be sold off. A Westminster committee recently criticised the waste of public monies.

    They are an absolute disgrace. Ruining the economy. They kill off their own citizens prematurely. Brexit has lost shared EU shared Defence costs. The nearest biggest market. CAP payments. The cost of living going up. The standard of living going down.

    If Scotland were Independent it would curtail their power to ruin the world. The world would be a better place. Scotland would be more equal prosperous and fair.

    £50Billion on Defence. Increased by £5Billion. Foreign Aid cut. They could not even organise a few more aircraft to evacuate Afghanistan. Another complete and utter shambles. The terrorist came from Saudi Arabia. They have been selling illegal weapons to them for years and kept it secret for bribes and donations. Total corruption. The Westminster unionist Gov. The UK the most unequal place in the world.

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  5. Unfortunately,because UK tax payers are used to the UK being almost continually at war,it is accepted as being the norm.
    The “threat” that continuous warfare might no longer be the case is portrayed by the London establishment as an undesirable condition.
    For military planners opposed to London,the prime targets for attack would not be the HoL but the nuclear arsenal at Coulport.
    That should allow the London based politicians to sleep easy in their beds and no great loss to them should the Scots be wiped out.

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  6. Absolutely, definitely, the nation that has always been the worst aggressive threat to Scotland is Russia! Look at all the times they invaded Scotland in the past! It was Russia that used to invade Scotland. But Scotland’s hero king Robert the Bruce gave them a right kicking at Bannockburn and sent those Ruskies home to think again.

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  7. As with the armed forces and all the other UK Government services, Scotland (and Wales and Northern Ireland) is a part owner. So, on dissolution of the UK Scotland would be entitled to an appropriate share of these resources. In any case, what benefit would accrue to rUK if an independent Scotland were excluded from such services? As a former Downing St adviser, now an academic said, it is in England’s interest to maintain a good relationship with Scotland.

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  8. When Scotland is independent and not a member of the unequal UK, it is likely to be a member of the somewhat more equal EU. The EU are planning to have their own army but not sure how far on they are with that.
    I just hope that the English Government have at least managed to organise proper security at COP26, throughout the central belt, that’s their remit and they should also be footing the bill for that. Any failures in that regard would be laid squarely at Johnson’s administration’s door in London.


  9. Answers to the following please
    1.How many terrorists attacks has the neutral Republic of Ireland dealt with
    2. Islam is a compassionate religion
    So why would a Islamic terrorist attack
    The nation that freed the Lockerbie bomber Megrahi on compassionate grounds
    At the time of his release Al Jazeera news
    Watched by A Billion Muslims, showed extensive footage and particularly of his arrival home in Libya where he was greeted by thousands of waving Saltires
    It looked like a AUOB march
    I am not a believer in religion as all too often
    Malign forces use it for their own ends
    But if you Study how Islam rapidly spread across the world you soon realise it was very much a positive force
    Opening up great centres of advanced learning and medicine
    Furthermore to give you a solid Idea of
    How prelevent Islam is upon the planet
    Then on the basis of the most spoken,written and understood language
    Today it is Classical Arabic
    The language of Islam and the Koran
    Now think again of your perception of who the real terrorists are
    If in doubt study the Holy Wars,recent history of Iraq,Iran, Afghanistan,Libya
    The former French colonies, The list goes on and on
    The economic collapse of Lebanon can well and be truly laid upon the Western
    Capitalist Banks
    We in the West have little or No moral high ground From which to preach
    And in Scotland,s case we did not preach
    But acted in the most responsible manner upon the release of a wrongly
    Convicted,Imprisoned and Dying Man
    I now rest Scotland,s case

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