No calls for Welsh Health Secretary to go

Infection levels in Wales at 105.9 cases per 100K have now soared to more than twice the rate in Scotland, 46.5 per 100K. England’s surge though less perpendicular than that in Wales, also shows little sign of flattening at 70.5 per 100K.

BBC Wales is not all over the story and the Tory leader in Wales (no idea) is not being platformed by BBC Wales to call for their Health Secretary (no idea) to go..

You might think it’s not real, in Wales. BBC UK is headlining the benefits of home working. They better be careful. Crossing Rees-Mogg might affect the licence.

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2 thoughts on “No calls for Welsh Health Secretary to go

  1. Only found out today that the name of the Minister of State at Health and Social Care is Edward Argar
    Mind you, since no one looks for him when there are problems (unlike here) it’s not really surprising he has led a quiet life. Mind you, check out the list of his responsibilities
    NHS operational performance
    NHS workforce
    Long Term Plan Bill
    finance, efficiency and commercial
    NHS capital, land and estates
    NHS England mandate
    devolved administrations, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories
    secondary legislation
    departmental management
    EU future relationship and trade
    sponsorship of:
    A sacrifice for when the going gets tough for Javid and Johnson?

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