Scotland ahead on booster jags?

With the help of the Lib Dem (4 MSPs) leader and of course no comparative data, BBC Scotland platform the fake news that Scotland is lagging on booster delivery even if we are ahead on every other jag:

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton accused the Scottish government of “sneaking out” the changes.

“We know that caseloads are still far too high so there can be no excuses for these delays,” he said.

“The health secretary needs to tell the public what steps he will take to speed up this rollout.

The MSP added: “Last winter we were facing an unprecedented pandemic. There can be no such excuses for the health secretary this time around.”

According to the BBC report, 344 045 boosters have been delivered but no date for that figure is offered.

According to NHS England, they have done 3.1 million, 9 times as many for 10 times the population, so NHS Scotland is a bit ahead.

3 thoughts on “Scotland ahead on booster jags?

  1. Alex Coco-the-clown is now a regular on BBC Scotland. No matter how clownish or banal his pronouncement it is quoted. Ditto the recent Tory MSP, ‘who is a practising GP’, and so must be right in his ex cathedral pronouncements.

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  2. Scotland is conducting booster jags
    In a pre planned coordinated fashion
    Commencing with care home residents and staff who were in the very 1st cohort
    Such is a logistical nighmare and invariably slower than the general population
    Those who were in the early vaccine program over 80 etc
    Next in line
    When you start coming down the age groups things speed up considerably
    For blatantly obvious reasons
    Scotland can but only get faster
    As for EHNS well your guess
    The proof shall be in the pudding

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  3. Aye, noted Gulhane being heavily promoted on BBC Scotland, no great surprise Cole-Scuttle would be along trying to capitalise on this fake news.

    As premieroneuk commented, there is a rota they will be following, but just as with the original vaccine rollout, the “vaccine olympics” will be dusted off for another outing via the media.

    A further complication is coincidence with annual flu shots, so bit more a logistical challenge this time around.

    With infections rocketing southward, there will have been instructions to boost the “Scotland failing” diversionary output…


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