Will it be Norrie Knowe now?

Straight off, let me be clear, I don’t give a, whether Cameron Norrie, winner of Indian Wells (bottom right), is a Brit or any other ethnicity.

This is not to be taken seriously. I mean that, seriously. He is a left-hander like me. That’s important. We’re a disadvantaged minority.

Cameron Norrie has a very Scottish-sounding name with so many r’s a non-rhotic southerner will end up calling him Camwhon Nohwy. Indeed, Wimbledon was originally Rimbledon until the local mayor, a descendent of the Wohman governor spoofed in Life of Bwian, had it changed.

Norrie has a Scots dad and a Welsh mum, was born in Sith Africa, grew up in New Zealand and is a product of US College tennis, so at best he’s Scwelsh. The BBC report has him as a Brit, 9 times in quite a short report.

Norrie’s opponent Nikoloz Basilashvili is not a Brit but easily could be. In the last few years, we’ve had Canadians, Rumanian/Chinese, Hungarian/Australians and a Guernsey/Papua New Guinean, all gleefully reported as top Brits.

I like this diversity but I suspect the Home Counties set, who dominate Tennis, long for another WASP like Tim Henman.

BBC UK have claimed him but BBC Scotland seem disinterested even though they could all say his name:

Back in 2018, John Inverdale, suggesting he sounded ‘more English’, prompted Norrie to say:

I’m not English, I prefer to say British because of the Scots thing.

What about the Welsh thing?

In the same interview, Norrie described his dad’s Scottish accent as ‘filthy.’ How do we feel about that.

It’s funny, for me.

Inverdale, whose name opens with the Gaelic generic for ‘a mouth’ (How appropriate is that?) has done worse. This is fun:

Has the sports presenter now attained a momentous critical mass, a hyperdense singularity of bloopers from which no career, not even his, can escape?


So, what is Norrie, really? One of the new global sporting elite beyond ethnicity?

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