BBC Scotland’s latest attack on Scotland’s green credentials

Reporting Scotland is on a yoonroll today. Story after story to make you feel bad about being here. Here’s the last one:

Two years ago, the Scottish Government pledged to set out plans to make the NHS here a world leader in sustainability and a net-zero organisation by 2045. With two weeks to go until the Glasgow summit, the BBC has learned it still hasn’t delivered that plan.

Wait, 2045? 24 years from now? Is it maybe a difficult plan that will take some time to get right? Did they have a target to get it done for COP26? Says who?

They’re on another roll to make Scotland and especially the SNP not look good as the UK hosts COP26. It’s a desperate challenge with Scotland producing 97% of its electricity from renewables, compared with only 35% in the UK as a whole, in 2019, planting 84% of the UK’s new trees that year and exporting 18GWh of electricity to England, enough for 28 million homes.

9 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s latest attack on Scotland’s green credentials

  1. If we were at War then without any doubt these people would be put on a fair trial, and if found guilty,well over to you
    As to what appropriate sentence required for such heinous criminality against the State and its peoples
    Big Clue


    1. Legerwood
      If climate change were not the most serious of problems that ever Humanity
      Has faced
      In the interests of Balance, Fairness and To inform the Nation as is the duty of the
      ABC ( BBC )
      As a certain departed soul would say
      ” And all done in the possible taste ”
      Makes you wonder how long before our Dear Lisa Summers displays her intimates as she rapidly crosses her legs
      In full camera shot


    2. I was puzzled by the headline on the BBC ,which you have shown, because, when I saw Reporting Scotland, it made no such weasel-worded language. It also identified Cameron Norris as Scottish! And, it reported favourably on the cricket win over Bangladesh. Even with the ‘controversial’ Covid passport, the single vox pop was of someone who was opposed, but who admitted he had obtained a passport and ‘could see the reason for it’.


  2. Two years ago??? 2019.
    Lets think—was that the year Covid-19 appeared??

    I wonder, do you think the Scottish government concentrated its thinking on COMBATTING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC???

    When The BBC and chums (DRossie?) think it could have been using its staff to work on plans for 2045?

    Tut, tut!
    These NATS, what are they like!
    Making things BETTER and doing it DELIBERATELY!

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  3. Dear god they’re desperate, even Lisa Summers was spieling over the new Balfour in Orkney, opened over 2 years ago…
    I keep forgetting HMS Sarah Smith has access to a Tardis…

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    1. Opened 2 years ago but BBC Reporting Scotland missed/failed to report that the hospital had one a silver medal in an international level

      They also missed a similar award won by the new East Lothian Community hospital in Haddington. Like the Balfour it brought two hospitals onto the one site. It is a beautiful building that enhances the health provision in that area

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  4. “With two weeks to go until the Glasgow summit, the BBC has learned it still hasn’t delivered that plan.”

    With this framing is the intended message, the implication, that little or nothing is being done? Probably. Well of course this would be wrong!

    NHS boards already have – and are already acting upon – net zero plans. Just one insight from the 2019-20 Annual Report of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

    ‘NHSGGC continues its commitment to reducing both its energy-based carbon emissions and its energy consumption which will enable the Board to contribute towards the Scottish Government’s aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent by 2050 and the interim target of a 42 per cent reduction by 2020. The specific targets for NHS Scotland were to reduce CO2 emissions for oil, gas, butane and propane usage annually by 3% from 2014/15 till 2020; and NHS Scotland to continue to reduce energy consumption annually by 1% from 2014/15 to 2020.

    ‘To support the above the NHS in Scotland and indeed the Scottish Government have published a number of documents relating to Environmental targets and policies with which Health Boards are required to comply, these include:
    – NHS HDL(2006)21: Environmental Management Policy for NHS Scotland.
    – NHS CEL 15 (2009): Sustainable Development Strategy for NHS Scotland.
    – NHS CEL 2(2012): A policy on Sustainable Development for NHS Scotland 2012.
    – NHS CEL 14 (2010): Good Corporate Citizenship Model.
    – NHS Scotland 2010-11 Annual National Environment Report.
    – Scottish Planning Policy (SSP 6) Renewable Energy.
    – Choosing Our Future: Scotland’s Sustainable Development Strategy.’

    There are then sections in this Annual Report on energy consumption and emissions reduction. The report notes: ‘A number of schemes and initiatives were put in place during 2019-20 to support the overall reduction of energy and carbon emissions to meet these targets.’ (lists ten initiatives)

    ‘The Board remains a participant in the Glasgow Climate Change Declaration Sustainable Glasgow and Climate Ready Clyde, both of which promote inter-agency working within the Glasgow and Clyde geographical boundaries to improve how the organisation adapts to climate change issues and how these changes will affect the Boards ability to continue to deliver a high quality service.’

    ‘To achieve the Board’s targets in these areas, strategic plans have been drawn up to facilitate the development of the Board wide initiatives … .’

    The above and more on the same lines took about 15 minutes to find. BBC Scotland should consider the radical innovation of using its journalistic resources to provide better balance and perspective as a public service, the better to inform its readers/viewers/listeners of what is actually happening in Scotland. Regrettably, until we get past a democratic event which decides Scotland’s constitutional future, it is unlikely that any change in approach from the public service broadcaster we’re stuck with for now will be forthcoming.

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