Herald wins ‘sad award of the year’

Unspun: the political diary

I suppose with its shrinking audience, that formerly ‘throbbing organ’ of news, the Herald, just doesn’t like to be reminded of its own flaccid state but, really, is this really cringey?

Just human, normal? I’d laugh. The old ones are the old ones? The herald writer’s partner is challenged?

Unspun: the political diary

7 thoughts on “Herald wins ‘sad award of the year’

  1. After a decade of bad-mouthing Salmond (The Express, if memory serves, scribbled about “a big prize awaiting the journalist who brings down Salmond”), the Brit Nat hack-pack are after Sturgeon, in the mistaken believe she is the mainstay of pro-independence sentiment.

    Much of it is vile, misogynistic, putrid stuff, best seen on websites for disturbed teen-age puberty fantastic fabulists.

    In Scotland it is mainstream media output.

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    1. And, on Good Morning Scotland, following the appalling murder of David Ames MP, “Lord” McConnell was interviewed and amongst his comments was that the media and politicians need to look at the kind of language in attacks they make on politicians. He was making the point that this creates an ethos of mistrust and, indeed, hatred. I think he actually has a point, but, sadly, it is a case of “Don’t do as I do, do as I say” rather than “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. (Ageing atheist recalling things from his Sunday School and BB experience!)

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      1. he is right but, in fact we have seen far far too often language by the Britnat MP’s even, which is tanatamount to incitement, they use words against the FM like, battle, take down, fighting, fight, and such, and probably worse. It’s they who need to rein in sort of outward hatred speak made towards Scotland’s first minister of Scotland.

        I am sure Prof John could point out a few more under the belt attacks by the BritNats some even published on front pages of the daily rags not to mention the types of photoshopped photos which portray the FM and other SNP MP’s as having a look of hatred or despair or just downright nasty. It’s a disgrace and scary, the media can and do attack (usually SNP) politicians subletly, and it’s not acceptable.


  2. In a crowded field for ‘Sad Old Media Git of the Year ” , The Herald , along with the Hootsman and BBCShortbread are neck and neck .
    What may eventually swing it for The Herald is the outstandingly pointless and increasingly misogynistic contributions of The Herald men who give Old Gits a bad name , Macwhirter and Gordon .

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  3. Gutter Press how low can they get. They expect people to buy into it. More disgusting Clickbait. They try to take people for fools. More fool them.

    Supposed to be responsible reporting. People have better things to do than buy into that. The Herald fools falling for Clickbait. They must have time on their hands, Pathetic. Groundhog Day at the Herald. Boring. Covered in ads. Pointless.

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  4. There is nothing more sad than a jaded newspaper trying to hang on, by generating ever more extreme, personal and pointless articles.

    The Heralds circulation is now so dire that they are embarrassed to publish it. To stay afloat, it is clearly being propped up financially by either directly or indirectly by Westminster to try and dampen the support for the SNP and Independence.

    They, including BBC Scotland and the Scotsman, have become so blind as to how the Scottish public now view them.

    What would have been in the past something to read and reflect on, is now either ignore or laughed at. They, not Scotland, the SNP or Nicola Sturgeon have become the figure of fun.

    I think the Herald should be more focused about the size of its own shrinking circulation.


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