Infection rates climbing again in 3 out of 4 parts of UK

Infection rate falls again in Scotland contrary to trend elsewhere in UK. BBC Scotland busy with Andy Murray ring crisis.

Fewer in ICU than at any time since 5th September. BBC Scotland busy with Andy Murray ring crisis.

4 thoughts on “Infection rates climbing again in 3 out of 4 parts of UK

  1. Check out what Rachel Clarke, a palliative Care Doctor is saying on Twitter @doctor_oxford & the response she got from Richard Cross a paramedic in South Yorkshire … The situation down south is absolutely dire yet the Media now treat Covid as “Yesterday’s News”

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  2. Its dark in here. What’s wrong?

    Hello Jocko’s. Its your friendly BBC–we will LIGHT YOU UP!

    Whit? How will you do that?

    Our ever-friendly Field-Ops in Jockostan will GAS-LIGHT you!
    If you have a question, contact :–
    Hi Jack,
    Brit Nat Bunker,
    North of the True North,

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    1. Well said. Our polititians need to make public statements on this governance by GAS-LIGHT as it is now British policy for attacking Scotland and subverting our Government in Hollyrood.


  3. Following Labour’s pretty poor conference and Starmer’s speech essentially placing Labour on the right of politics, when the Tories gathered for their conference, they were absolutely cock-a-hoop and Johnson was able to waffle and snuffle his way without criticism. Sure, he performed badly on Marr and generally much went wrong for the government, but they know that Labour presents no serious threat.

    Let us hope that this is hubris.

    All of the BBC Scotland news programmes seem to have a puff for DRoss.

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