Scotland surging ahead on vaccinations

Scotland’s vaccination rate surpassed that of the rUK on the 25th September and began to accelerate away on the 2nd October. We’re now vaccinating around 50% more than the other 3 nations.

This will explain in part our plummeting infection level:

The MSM seems not to be reporting these data anymore with one of the last being the Times in May 2021, claiming ‘Scots lag behind in first Covid vaccine shots to over-40s‘:

6 thoughts on “Scotland surging ahead on vaccinations

  1. Not quite On Topic, but at a tangent. I think I sowed a seed today, based around the vaccination figures.

    I had an interesting talk ‘down the allotment’ about Covid figures, publicity and the beeb.

    Don’t remember exactly how it started and it wandered. I think she’s probably to the right of centre (for reasons that will become obvious.) I believe she’s swallowed the gaslighting, so to speak.

    She happened to remark that the BBC was “left wing. Very left wing”. I replied it used to be, but now it’s right wing and absolutely not impartial. She insisted this wasn’t so. (I know. But, unlike many on this blog, poor naive me did indeed think it was impartial and trustworthy.)

    Me: “Well, the chief officers are all tory, the government’s on the board and, if you notice, any reporter who questions the UKG line doesn’t appear anymore” (She looked a bit thoughtful about that.)

    I think I may have an advantage talking about this sort of thing, because I can start with “I used to think exactly the same. We think we can trust the beeb because it’s impartial. But it’s not.” Also, I have an English accent – as did she. So I can’t possibly be a “Nasty Belligerent Nashnalist Jock”, now can I? Completely the wrong demographic – little old English lady with a northern accent (so obvs not even particularly bright!)

    Me: “It used to drive my daughter mad that I thought that. Then, one day, I noticed one wrong thing. And once you see it, you can’t un-see it. It’s everywhere, all the time. They do it with the Covid figures, for instance”

    She said “That’s because ScotGov doesn’t report the figures properly.” (In a bit of a “yes, well…” tone.)

    “But they do. And they publish them on their website, every day. When the figures soared – which they did – they were reported, now they’re plummeting, the beeb’s stopped and gone onto something else.”

    “And if you look at England’s figures the reports can’t be right. Scotland and Wales have much higher rates of vaccination and more restrictions and our figures soared but are on the way down. England’s average has been flat throughout. That can’t be right can it?”

    She was nurse before she retired, and said “No. I don’t see how it can be.”

    “So hasn’t that got to mean that either they’re not reporting the right numbers or, possibly, figures are flat because WM advised people to switch off their App because ‘it kept pinging’? Because so many people were positive down there. But that sort of thing’s never mentioned on the news – or if it is I’ve missed it…”

    I don’t think she’d thought of things that way before. I hope she will now.

    One person at a time.

    So sort of O/T, but related?

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    1. Scotland Hospitalisation rate has been nearly 2X England’s since mid September according to UK figures. Maybe they have more immunity from the previous relatively high incidence.


      1. Possible.

        Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers are counted differently (eg ‘with’ Covid but admitted for something else, rather than ‘due to’). I may well be wrong, but I can’t help but wonder if English figures are only of the really ill.

        For some reason I find myself less able to believe things, even if they may well be true…

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  2. In Scotland 26% of 12 – 15 year olds have had their 1st vaccination see Travelling Tabby. In England it is 6.5% and finding that number is not easy but Ch4 news managed to report it tonight.

    Overall the level and rate of vaccinations seems to be falling – again see Travelling Tabby. Scotland may be ahead of the other parts of the UK but still on a downward trend. Worrying. Is it a supply issue or money issue, UK Gov being parsimonious, or a mixture of both?

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    1. I was wondering about the fairly low figure for 12-15 year olds too. Glad you found the figures – thanks. I’d expected higher after reading about the demand from parents etc.

      I’ve assumed that overall figures are dropping because most older people have now had both jags and this represents the number of 12-15s who weren’t at risk, so haven’t been done earlier.

      If many parents equate Covid with Rubella, chickenpox, mumps etc, perhaps they aren’t too worried about children getting it. It’s often considered better if they do. And it isn’t as if we’ve been overwhelmed with info on long Covid is it?

      Your possible reasons are also very valid/probable!

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