Ian Murray confirmed as conspiracy nut

Some readers will remember in May 2020, the sole Scottish Labour MP trying to convince his largely Tory constituents that the Scottish Government had put them at risk by covering up a Covid-19 outbreak, in late February, at a Nike conference in Edinburgh:

I’ve received considerable correspondence from constituents who are seeking answers to why they weren’t informed of the Covid-19 “ground zero” outbreak from a conference at a hotel in central Edinburgh in late February. I have written to the First Minister seeking answers.


Considerable correspondence‘ and ‘the people of Edinburgh?‘ Hmmm.

Murray went on to suggest that lives had been put at risk but we see now:

No deaths were linked to the outbreak.

Experts concluded whole genome sequencing results “strongly suggest that the actions taken by the incident management team to manage the outbreak were successful in curtailing onward transmission.”

The [PHS] report also said the sequence identified at the conference was not subsequently identified in Scotland.

“This represents one of several hundreds of introductions of SARS-CoV-2 into Scotland from February 2020 and there is no evidence of community transmission of this sub-lineage, which was not detected in Scotland after April 2020,” it added.


Ian Murray proved wrong again. Who’d have thought that?

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8 thoughts on “Ian Murray confirmed as conspiracy nut



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  2. Lower and lower they go. Sinking into oblivion. Starmer is not a charmer. Another lying hypocrite. Annoying the folk in Liverpool writing in the Sun. Another own goal. The Tory sympathisers. They have not got a clue. Enabling Johnston and the tax evaders. Pitiful.

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    1. Sorry for going off topic on the breaking news of the Supreme Court decision on the two bills passed unanimously by the Scottish Parliament, that both were outwith the competence of the Scottish Parliament under the terms of the Scotland Act 1999. It is worth pointing out the Supreme Court only came into existence in 2009. I wonder how many of the existing laws passed by the Scottish Parliament between 1999 and today’s Supreme Court decision would be rejected by the reasoning used in today’s ruling and the impact on future bills such as the Referendum Bill?


  3. Mr Murray will be relieved that ”his” constituents were NOT put at risk and a fulsome Thank You will , even now , be winging its way to the FM’s Office .
    He will , naturally , be informing his constituents that they can have every confidence in the competence of the Scottish Government and their governance of the Covid outbreak in Edinburgh and , indeed , in the country at large !

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    1. I’m sure that even if Mr Murray fails to do so, the editor of the Edinburgh Evening News will inform readers – and Mr Murray’s constituents – of what has now been confirmed here. Candidly, it is a legitimate test of that newspaper’s credentials.

      Just checked in on the Evening News online.

      This news is being covered but it’s all ‘bad’ news. This is the Evening News headline: ‘Covid Scotland: Health watchdog failed to follow own guidance around Nike Conference outbreak’. The article that follows is wholly negative.

      And it quotes Ian Murray (again): ‘Mr Murray said on Tuesday in a fresh statement: “Had the Scottish Government taken urgent containment action after the first outbreak in Edinburgh, thousands of lives could have been saved from coronavirus”.’

      ‘Ian Murray proved wrong again.’ But not according to the Edinburgh Evening News!

      Have two different reports been published on this matter – did the Evening News get a different version from BBC Scotland?

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  4. Thing is and we all know it, the point is not to tell the truth it’s to lie and lie and keep the lie going until the next one comes along. Some, probably too many, who are sat in front of the TV and watch whatever is piped into their living rooms, do actually believe their lies, job done, win win for the British Nationalists.

    The BBC really are now a huge propaganda tool, gas lighting Scotland, working against the people of Scotland and blocking any democratic process the people think they still have a right to. It’s getting really scary now, the British nationalist English government are going to play dirty and Brexit is their facilitator, no rights to protest, no human rights soon, it’s worse than even I predicted.


  5. What I found fascinating about this BBC piece was why bother ? Until I read it.

    The genomic sequencing ages ago disproved Ian (Pies/Lies what’s the difference) Murray flights of fanciful conspiracy theories, the few idiots who swallowed any of it were in Pacific Quay, surrounded by incontinent pigeons.

    Yet the telltale was there “But it only became public following a BBC Disclosure investigation last May”, aka let’s see if there is any milk left from this old cow.

    This is HMS Sarah Smith simultaneously arse covering (“We’re going to need WAY more material”, it’s huge) for their rabid pursuit of this non-story, whilst also revitalising the conspiracy flag, why was it not made public?

    Revisiting why the investigative team did not require a public announcement (it is their call alone), it would potentially panic the public unnecessarily when they KNEW all the contacts were traced and their home authorities responsible advised, local ongoing detection would identify any collateral effects, results, NONE.

    There never was a story, there never was a conspiracy, and however much we may chortle at Ian Murray’s second(third/fourth/X?) come-uppance over this nonsense it is HMS Sarah Smith who are revisiting this for nefarious reasons.

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