Neil Mackay paid to be oh so wrong again?

We need read no further, the headline tells all and is all wrong, very wrong, again.

I’ve been drawn into rebutting Mackay’s scare stories more times than I care to remember. Should you have a perverse notion to read them try this:

Perhaps one of his most deranged was this in January 2020:

A person posing for the camera

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Echoing the mad language of Lord NATO Robertson, he ignored the facts from Scotland’s top historian and researcher:

So, probably wasting more time than I should, is there any evidence for, in particular, the second part of his claim. He is correct to say we have an anti-Irish problem, a wee one and smaller than our own anti-Scottish one. The nutters are still with us but, as Devine evidences, there are fewer of them doing fewer wrongs.

Getting worse?

Scotland’s prosecution service note a slight recent climb after years of falling, in race-based hate crimes and a recent fall in religion-based hate crime.

The COPFS statistics do not break down the race and religion categories so the word ‘Irish’ does not appear.

So, if it’s the religion-based anti-Catholic thread in anti-Irish hate crime, he’s simply wrong. If it’s the race-based thread, usually based on appearance but maybe accent, to allow the possibility, is he claiming that much of that at all and of the increase, is due to crimes triggered by an Irish accent and not the more obvious markers?

If I say that’s just daft, I’m not saying the Irish are daft. I’ve read and love more Irish writers than English ones.

Finally, try searching for ‘Scotland hate crime statistics Irish’ and find nothing.

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9 thoughts on “Neil Mackay paid to be oh so wrong again?

  1. Neil MacKay needs to read a few history books before writing so much illiterate nonsense. The Scottish and Irish have so much in common from brutal, appalling behaviour by the Westminster unionist Gov. Leading to mass migration.

    The illegal behaviour of Westminster is a total disgrace, appalling and illegal. So many people have died because of it. Needlessly. Westminster unionists tried to illegally hide it under the Official Secrets Act and ‘D’ notices.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years,

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  2. So Scotland according to the British nationalists, is it seems anti everyone, who’d of thought. These lies are meant to filter out to the world, Scotland is ‘nationalist’ ie racist, anti English, now anti Irish and no doubt some other big lies will be printed in the next month or so about how dangerous and racist Scotland is.

    England is hosting COP26 in Scotland very soon, there is much Scotland bad and SNP are evil, to publish yet!

    Btw John I like the drawing at the top of the page..great, do we get to ask who drew it?

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  3. There is an anti Catholic / anti Irish problem and it stubbornly persists. It should not be dismissed. However it almost all exists within the unionist camp with their pro Bradish Orange and Rangers units the most obvious fronts for this.

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  4. Thank you for highlighting this John, I’d never have stumbled across this arrant nonsense otherwise.
    Mackay (Writer (who is/at) large/Largs?) is in the business of selling copy, much as the slimmer version of the perma-angry Forres Gump, Chris Musson, peddles his wares, throw in a bit of controversy, Bob’s your father/Mother/’ s brother, but can you really prove it? Money in the bank…

    Neither are in the slightest interested in stats or constrained by inconveniences such as facts, they are in the Glenn Campbell world of “In my opinion…”

    The small pockets of bigotry over “King Billy” (created in the late 1800s in Scotland) which persist are confined to the “Orange Jaiket Man” variety most blatantly platformed on QT as Joe Public.
    Billy Mitchell would just be another wee argumentative shit bleating yet again of another a Friday night in A&E with wobbly teeth and a bent and bleeding nose claiming “Wisnae me. Nuthin tae dae wi me”…

    As to Mackay’s “anti-irish” claptrap, perhaps a group hug for him personally at the next SCOvIRL rugby match could be arranged ? 😁

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  5. The reason why there is more sectarianism in Glasgow and the central belt is because Labour authorities did not put a stop to it. They let it go on. It other parts of Scotland it does not exist because steps were taken to put a stop on it. Orange Marches etc were banned. They are non existent.

    Racist, bigoted misogynists are not allowed to roam or take over the streets with a big bass drum or otherwise. People would just not tolerate it. There would be an outcry. Labour were much stronger in Glasgow than other cities. They dominated and let the situation continue. To the detriment of the economy. Concern about some people’s religion because more important than economic activities. Just ridiculous,

    The number of Orange Marches in Glasgow is just outrageous. How they get away with it is a mystery. In other parts the Police would object about staffing, bad behaviour and the mess. Never mind the noise and annoyance. It must be breaking by-laws. In other parts of Scotland there would be an outcry, if there was one a year.


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