Illiberal MP lies about petrol shortages in Scotland

Appearing on GB News, after even Andrew Neil found them too right-wing, Christine Jardine MP, tells viewers in Essex about all the problems we have in Scotland and makes sure they know we’re queuing at the pumps too.

I haven’t see a petrol queue locally but that’s no survey so I thought I’d ask the 5 000 plus twitter followers.

I asked:

After watching Lib Dem Susan Jardine on illiberal GB News suggesting fuel shortages in Scotland too, have you had queue for a long time for petrol in the last week?

After three hour with 178 responses, it was 6.2% Yes and 93.8% No.

Could be more scientific, I know, only about 50 times a BBC Scotland sample.

8 thoughts on “Illiberal MP lies about petrol shortages in Scotland

  1. No one watches GB news, especially in Scotland, Not even Neil greeting face in the south of France. Too much vino. How many lives have been ruined by greeting face lies.

    Christine Jardine in London, does not know what is going on in Scotland,

    Panic buying pumps were renewed the next day. No one went out of fuel. Prices increasing.

    Oil price going up to $90 a barrel. The swings and roundabouts. Win some lose some.

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  2. Heard it on the radio this morning–journeys from Grangemouth to cover the central belt are short and frequent (30 trips a day), so Scotland well supplied.
    Lib Dumb p!sh again, and again, and again………………………………..

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  3. It was fairly obvious from various Reporting Scotland news reports on Friday and at the weekend that reporters were having difficulty finding queues at petrol stations in Scotland because they were usually standing outside petrol stations doing their piece to camera but without any queues in the background. In fact one poor reporter was doing her piece to camera when there was clearly a petrol tanker on the forecourt delivering fuel. Think it was Friday in Dundee.

    On Tuesday we went to get petrol – needle in the red – in the neighbouring town. No petrol station in our town. . Drove into Tesco garage, one car filling up. A few hoses with ‘Out of Use’ labels but majority of pumps were available. Got our petrol by which time another 3 or 4 cars had arrived which is pretty well normal traffic for that garage. No queue. Other garages in the town seemed to be the same.

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    1. Jardine is my MP too. Please note I have never voted for her, At least her Scottish leader , Mr A Cauld Ham ( sorry I can’t remember where I nicked that nick-name from) is luckily not my MSP as I’m in a odd area where the constituencies are different for Westminster and Holyrood.
      However, I’m not exactly rejoicing at that since I got Angus Robertson, whom I didnt vote for either as there was no-one I was prepared to support.

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