Reporting Scotland convene Covid emergency group

Things are looking bad for BBC Scotland staff as they rush to construct a defence against evidence suggesting the SNP Government is coping better with Covid infection rates again.

Tempting fate I know, but better to be prepared? If the trends continue, Scotland becomes the least infected part of the UK again in the next few days.

What can they say?

  1. Nothing?
  2. Use the two-week old ONS estimates?
  3. Crop the graph at September 10th?
  4. Turn the graph upside down and hope no one notices?
  5. Accuse the SNP of wasting money on training unneeded new staff?
  6. Get Prof Pennington to predict it won’t last?
  7. Let Douglas Ross claim it’s a UK benefit?

Your turn.


7 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland convene Covid emergency group

    1. The Scottish news media clique is a pretty small one and they all get the same press releases, go to the same events and devour each other’s tweets. So, simple group psychology indicates a convergence in what they think.

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  1. I suspect you are being a tad sarcastic John. Surely past reporting by Beeb Scotland has given you some hope for accurate reporting!!!!!!!!
    Maybe not. Still run via an MI5 wordsmith.


  2. None of these I’m afraid John. The BBC and MSmedia already trying to undermine the virus Passport intro as (in quotes) ‘delayed’ and ‘botched’. There is always an anti Scot Gov angle if they look hard enough.

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    1. I heard on the radio news this morning that there are calls for Scottish government to scrap the passport scheme. Probably DRoss still pushing this. Also if the nightclub industry is against it give them a choice, open with passport scheme in place or don’t

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  3. I would say the answer is:

    To wait until they get guidance from the Scotland Office on what should be the next crisis, and then create a plan including the “bit players” that can be identified to try and make the “invented crisis” sound real via the usual “Scottish” media.


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