Alex Cole Hamilton in his natural home

Scottish Sun

In a fascinating piece of ‘thinking’ we read:

Analysis by The Scottish Sun suggests just 72% of tracing was completed within the recommended three-day limit, if the unsuccessful efforts to alert infected Scots were counted.

But when the 50,485 “failed cases” are stripped out, the rate since August 2020 is boosted to 80.4  per cent — just above the World Health Organisation’s 80 per cent aim.

ACH then concludes:

It’s far from the system needed to crush the virus.

So when folk refuse to answer the phone or gave a fake number, that’s a Scottish Government failure? Some Liberal he is. Don’t they have the right?

And, is that the way to crush the virus? Not according to Professor Allyson Pollock in November 2020

Mass testing of the populace is a waste of money.

Or, from Professor Cam Donaldson, Yunus Chair and Pro Vice Chancellor Research, Glasgow Caledonian University, 

As a health economist, I’m not convinced the case for mass testing stacks up:

Beyond prioritising NHS and other key workers, we might ask, in pure cost-benefit terms, what is the point of following the World Health Organization’s “test, test, test” mantra? South Korea, which is characterised as a country engaged in mass testing, has conducted only 400,000 tests, or the equivalent of around a third of NHS staff – which puts into perspective what is really achievable.

In any case, South Korea acted much earlier and combined testing with isolating infected people and rigorously tracing whoever they had been in contact with. None of this looks feasible in the UK. Mass testing would also further divert nursing and laboratory resources from other much-needed care activities, so this must also form part of the equation.

Alex Cole Hamilton’s suggestion? Send the cops round? Hunt them down?

Scottish Sun

7 thoughts on “Alex Cole Hamilton in his natural home

  1. Ah but oor Dear Alex as / per his parties
    Recent party polical broadcast has nothing other than Hope to offer
    And that is always the last dice that is thrown bouncing along the gambling table of species that have been put on
    The Critically Endangered Species List
    Inbreeding in captivity is their destiny
    And that is the only possible Hope available for them now

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    1. “SUN “analysis” a la Marr (Not Heddy), is an exercise in picking out that one nugget from a mass of information which offers a possible negative on Scotland’s performance, it doesn’t matter what the facts are, it’s the headline which sells”.

      Sadly, very true

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  2. Cole-Scuttle being featured in a Chris “Exclusive” Musson piece was a fatal mistake by this self-publicist, not even Willie Rennie was that stupid.
    SUN “analysis” a la Marr (Not Heddy), is an exercise in picking out that one nugget from a mass of information which offers a possible negative on Scotland’s performance, it doesn’t matter what the facts are, it’s the headline which sells.

    Yet ask for a comparison with England, or come to that ANYTHING to do with Covid at all on England, and Chris Musson bats it off as “not my job”, perspective is not his agenda.

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  3. Panorama

    Track and trace. Westminster unionists. £Billion contracts handed to Tory MP’s wife. Dido Harding. The failed TalkTalk head. People’s details were hacked and they were plagued with nuisance calls. Trying to hack their financial details. Still on going,

    Her husband Tory MP who wants to privatise the NHS. People were paid £thousands a week to sit and do nothing. The computer programmes did not work. For months no one was tracked or traced. £Billion wasted on non scrutinised public contracts given to Tory donors.

    If the system had been linked to local government records. People could have been tracked and traced more easily, quicker and cheaper. It would have worked. The phone app programme used was defunct. The Tories were warned by did not listen. Wasting £Billions.

    In Scotland the track and trace method was linked to the NHS and was much more successful. Some people do not follow the rules and guidelines. They let the system down. The mass inoculation programme in Scotland was a major success. Thanks to the amazing SNHS. Keeping deaths down.

    Nick Clegg betrayed the students and education. Cut the NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. The illegal lying VOW. Cut Education £6Billion a year. Caused the Brexit mess. The Referendum lies. Purdah broken.

    Clegg now employed by tax evading Facebook. Making £Millions. The criminal leadership being exposed. Cambridge Analytica Facebook gerrymandering. People fined but not charged. Hedge funds gambling on the outcome making colossal profits. Tory donors. The bankers fund the Tory Party breaking every rule in the book, including electoral fraud.

    The LibDem liars are responsible for the total mess. The toxic LibDem enablers. Complicit in fraud.


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