BBC Scotland’s ‘biggest scare’ in five charts

Being shared by Lisa Summers but uncredited, this is typically selective and often hopelessly out-of-date in an effort to construct this ‘crisis’ for us. It opens:

Scotland’s Health Secretary Humza Yousaf says the NHS is facing the “biggest crisis” of its existence.

There’s a shortage of beds, the demand for ambulances is soaring and waits in accident and emergency departments are getting longer.

On top of that, Covid-19 admissions have been rising fast as the number of infections in Scotland spiralled at the end of the summer.

Here are five charts illustrating the enormous pressures currently being felt by NHS Scotland.

So, first, there’s a shortage of beds and the evidence is a graph of bed blocking which stops in March 2021! How about these more useful and recent ones:

Hospital admissions only one quarter of what they were in February.

UK people per hospital bed

Far more beds per head of population than other parts of the UK.

Second they tell us NHS ‘staff absences spiked in September.’

Staff absences

Even sticking with their graph, isn’t it obvious they’re falling and were never higher than half that in February 2021 or one third of that in April 2020?

Third it’s the busy ambulance service with this graph:

Ambulance incidents

But look, it stops a month ago as the demand falls back to the 2018/19 average.

Fourth, this A&E waiting times graph:

Waiting times

Again, why this out-of-date graph stopping in April? Is it because, in July 2021, the latest monthly data, only 3 579 waited over four hours, half the number in April and thus the graph is falling?


Sometimes, I think it’s just shoddy but then I remember.

5 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s ‘biggest scare’ in five charts

  1. Unfortunately you are preaching mainly to the converted John. This information is not getting to those we need to see it.

    There are those whose smearing disparagement of Scotland would not be changed even if you tattooed this on their foreheads but there are also many others who believe the disinformation they are fed daily by the BBC and Unionist media.

    “If you don’t read the newspapers you are uninformed; if you do read them you are misinformed.”

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  2. It looks like BBC Scotland are now trying to justify their ludicrous “crisis” claims by deception using selective information.

    No doubt they had expected the manufactured “crisis” to have produced better results and a clamour for resignation from the public. Or maybe the public are now increasingly wise to them.

    It reminds me of the hounding out of office in 2010 Scottish Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson. It was evident then the BBC were altering their previous snow warnings on the BBC website to suit their later “heavy snow” narrative from their earlier “snow showers”.

    They might have got away with it, if they had also altered the page “timestamps” that highlighted that it had been modified.

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  3. The biggest scare in this ‘story’ is that BBC Shortbread purports to be a respected News Organisation , yet cannot report ‘news’ without distorting it for its own ends to deceive the public .
    To compound this corrupt practice , they do it with PUBLIC MONEY !

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  4. A good piece of debunking of this example of the misuse of statistics to justify a case BBC Scotland (and I suspect the Scotland Office and unionist parties) are seeking to make. The BBC even has “NHS in Crisis” logo.

    At university and at school, when we selected data to fit our prejudices we got a kick in the arse (metaphorically!). I remember one comment on one of my miserable efforts was “Procrusteanism”. I had to go to the library encyclopaedias to find out who Procrustes was (Nae internet in these days).

    I think that Procrustes is a technical adviser for BBC News and Current Affairs.

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  5. Which adjective best describes BBC Scotland?
    Unfair? Unprofessional? Unembarrassed? Unionist?
    All of them. And hopefully, when Scotland becomes independent, unemployed.


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