Scotland has far more hospital beds per head than rUK

The proxy war against the SNP using the NHS as the battleground is at full force with a series of evidence free reports based on the interests of narrow groups as opposed to the wider population.

This suggestion of a lack of beds in NHS Scotland needs some context.

From the Kings Fund in 2020:

The total number of NHS hospital beds in England, including general and acute, mental illness, learning disability, maternity and day-only beds, has more than halved over the past 30 years, from around 299,000 in 1987/88 to 141,000 in 2018/9, while the number of patients treated has increased significantly.

Most other advanced health care systems have also reduced bed numbers in recent years. However, the UK has fewer acute beds relative to its population than many comparable health systems.

There are no data for the devolved nations in the above but also from research in 2020:

UK people per hospital bed

Just in case you’re a bit graph-blind, this means that in England, there are 415 people for every bed but in Scotland, only 265 for every bed.

This is very revealing. Scotland has almost twice as many hospital beds per head of population than England and Northern Ireland and more than Wales.

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2 thoughts on “Scotland has far more hospital beds per head than rUK

  1. Strewth that’s a record, heavily demoted to the bottom of page 1 already, even bypassing stories they’ve had on life support for more than a week 😲.
    Probably Glenn “Gin-soaked boy” Campbell left a voicemail which ended up being misinterpreted from the original “Thousands of cute NHS doctors have failed to satisfy my needs or get remotely near a bed, barff, sorry about that, barff, oh shit.., click” .
    Mibbe, mibbe naw..


  2. Correction, must have missed it, now demoted to third spot on the Scotland page, 1 place ahead of their 1 hour old “What is being done to ease the ambulance ‘crisis’?” piece from over a week ago…


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