Lowest number of Covid cases for three weeks but…

From the Herald today:

More than 3,300 new cases of cornavirus (sic) have been identified in Scotland during the past 24 hours. 

New statistics show that 3,375 fresh cases have been identified by the Scottish Government ā€” a steep drop-off from yesterday’s figure of 4,241.  

However, the number of people in hopital (sic) being treated for the virus has risen again, with 1,064 people currently occupying beds on wards. Yesterday’s total was 1,048.


On August 21st, we had 3 189 new cases. Yesterday we had 4 241, down from 5 903 but with a warning that due to a reporting issue the 4 241 was likely to be an estimate and that the missing cases would be include today.

There’s no sign. After a flattening for around two weeks, is this the beginning of a fall?

Hospital admissions are up but, as most know, they lag behind infection levels by a week or two.

ICU cases were down, one, but that’s not mentioned.

Might the Herald’s readers want to know?

Naw! We’ll decide if they get accurate news!!!

5 thoughts on “Lowest number of Covid cases for three weeks but…

  1. The media will once again be dining out on any rise in deaths from Covid in Scotland, it’s stooping about as low as they could get really, but they have no morals, and no scruples, they are British Nationalists whose agenda is to undermine the Scottish government at every opportunity. They are not nice people.

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  2. So, BBC Britain 6pm news is on and the covid update includes a ’roundup’ across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, starting with Scotland.

    The BBC in Scotland:

    ‘Scotland’s First Minister told Hollyrood…’
    ā€¦’but SHE warned…’
    ’12-15 year olds will be offered jags initially in drop-in centres rather than schools so parents can ask questions…’ (BBC opinion with no context of what was actually announced)
    ‘The First Minister told MSPs masks will remain in schools until at least the start of October”.
    Covid passports – ‘Nicola Sturgeon warned…’


    The BBC in Wales:

    …Preamble with some really worrying stats..

    ‘Ministers aren’t poised to push the lockdown button yet, but the current measures to use facemasks and the advice to work from home isn’t stopping the spread’.

    ‘So what else will the Welsh Government do? Well booster jabs and vaccinations for 12 to 15 year olds will start next week’.
    ‘And there’s the possibility of vaccine passports that the Welsh Government have strongly opposed in the past but may now introduce, a decision is due by Friday’.


    The BBC in Northern Ireland:

    Reference to 12 to 15 year olds parents getting sent out consent forms and jags will be done in schools. NI Government nowhere to be seen and on to the good news about Ā£100 gift cards to help spread the disease like last year.

    So, there you have it ā€“ Three devolved Government on the BBC main 6pm news and only Scotland has our First Minister personalised.

    BBC Modus operandi:

    Undermine the Scottish Government by personalising the Covid news ā€“ Check.

    Wales is still under unionist control, so go benign ā€“ Check.

    BBC operatives in Northern Ireland knows if they misrepresent Northern Ireland the way they misrepresent Scotland they’d wind up in a fucking bin bag ā€“ Check.

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    1. In Sainsbury’s today, I happened to see the front cover of the Scottish DM re 12 year olds getting vaccinated.

      I’d’ve sworn it said 12 year old girls, but can’t find it now. Maybe I misread it – or was hallucinating.

      Was seriously freaked out! Did anyone else catch it?


  3. Sorry for going off topic.. (two posts in a row)


    “The nationalised Ferguson shipyard has missed out on an order to build two new CalMac ferries…”

    As I started reading the BBC article I had a feeling Holyrood’s opposition parties, would be asked the new order, but I did not expect this..

    “Scottish Labour’s transport spokesman Neil Bibby said it was “hammer blow” to Scottish shipbulding, adding: “This announcement means more jobs and more money going overseas at a time of economic crisis.”

    Scottish Conservative transport spokesman Graham Simpson said: “It’s humiliating for the SNP that ships which could be built in the west coast of Scotland are instead going to be welded together in Eastern Europe.

    “The SNP let down our shipyards so badly that they are missing out on work to Romania, Poland and Turkey.”

    For the Liberal Democrats, economy spokesman Willie Rennie said: “It is a damning indictment of the Scottish government’s utter failure to secure high tech, high wage jobs that there is no shipyard in Scotland on this shortlist.”

    I’m still laughing!


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