Douglas Ross challenged to oppose plans to scrap free prescriptions in England

Douglas Ross denies 'anti-families' comment was a dig at Greens' LGBT  support | HeraldScotland

From SNP Media:

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross has been challenged to oppose plans by the UK Government to scrap free prescriptions in England for those aged 60-65. He and his Scottish Tory colleagues face a dilemma as they support free prescriptions in Scotland.
In 2017, the Scottish Tories dropped their opposition to free prescriptions in Scotland as there was ‘a large amount of support for the policy’.
Consultation on the plans to raise eligibility for free prescriptions have come to a close this week and Douglas Ross is being urged to oppose the plans and ensure that older people do not have to make a choice between buying medicine or eating.
A number of organisations in England warn that scrapping free prescriptions would have ‘lasting adverse effects on half of 60- to 65-year-olds with one or more long-term conditions.’ 
 Emma Harper MSP said:
“Douglas Ross and his Scottish Tory colleagues at Westminster must oppose these plans to scrap prescription charges for 60 to 65-year-olds. If not, then he is once again demonstrating that he is nothing but Boris Johnson’s lapdog.
“The Scottish Tories support free prescriptions in Scotland, so are they prepared to stick by their principles and oppose charging in England – or will they simply line up behind Boris Johnson?

“These cruel plans from the Tories are another demonstration of the tale of two governments the people of Scotland are faced with. We cannot afford to be subjected to another decade of Tory austerity.
“No one should have to pay to access vital medication that, in some cases, can be the difference between leading a healthy lifestyle and not.
“If Douglas Ross supports this then he will prove that he and his Scottish Tory colleagues are without a shred of principle or integrity.
 “The Tories cannot be trusted to protect Scotland’s interests and that is why the people of Scotland must be able to choose a different path with a referendum for recovery to escape the callous policies of the Tory UK government.”

Scrapping free prescriptions could have devastating impact on over-60s
Scottish Conservatives drop prescription charge opposition

4 thoughts on “Douglas Ross challenged to oppose plans to scrap free prescriptions in England

  1. If Dross indeed opposes such
    Then i assure that every flying pink pig
    Squadron have been placed upon the highest state of alert
    I have it on good authority that all such Squadron’s based in the Far East as a great preventer of those Chinese upstarts becoming too big for their tiny boots
    Have been recalled to be stationed at the renewal of RAF Turnhouse along with the closure of all civilian and freight operations at Edinburgh Airport with immediate effect
    As at least 12 Squadrons of the returners shall be stationed there
    The only fly in the ointment is finding enough HGV drivers to transport the huge tonnage of pig swill and feed required


  2. The Tories in Scotland are opposed to Covid vaccine passports for nightclubs etc in Scotland but their masters in England are in favour of it for England.
    Presumably they are against this policy in Scotland because…….

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    1. Re vaccine passports I suspect Tory branch office in Scotland are thumping their chests as a faux gesture, pretending they can make political decisions without their masters’ in London consent.

      My brother in NE England, in a low paid job, with a long term health condition, couldn’t afford all meds for many years, so he kept ending up in hospital, which would have cost the public purse more than if he’d had all of his meds. In retirement his health is actually better, due to having free prescriptions.

      Why don’t people in England get angry about things like prescription charges? I don’t get it.

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  3. Imposing prescription charges for the elderly in England is just another example of the Tories ”Levelling up” policy .
    If the young pay charges then , in fairness , so should the elderly ! Simples !


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