Yes, yes, ferry funny

The new staff at Reporting Scotland having a laugh at old Douglas Fraser as he prepares for retirement. I bet one of them shouted ‘nice helmet’ at the image below:

Readers are invited to enter their suggestions in the comments below. I might prick the best one.

9 thoughts on “Yes, yes, ferry funny

  1. “O’Neills in Aberdeen invite retiring correspondent to show off his moves….”
    “Wife and au-paire fainted”
    “Clinic still repairing the floors from patient’s last checkup for rust”
    Despite the inevitable NDA, hopefully Brian can enjoy retirement and demonstrate his opinion even if not free to speak it.

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  2. Another one down, another one gone, another one hits the dust.

    The Nine 20,000 viewers. Embarrassment.

    People do not believe it any more.


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