Why does only resource rich Scotland need to hear of the UK’s oil and gas dependency?

Earlier today, I commented on only Reporting Scotland covering this story in their wee BBC Breakfast inserts. Given that Scotland, with only 8% of the population, actually produces 82% of the UK’s oil and gas, it seems remarkable that they feel we, only we, should hear this bad news.

MSM Monitor has spotted the same thing on the websites and linked it to a wider strategy of the Scottish Tories and Ian Wood.

The UK audience need not worry even though they rely on Putin’s gas:

Wales and Northern Ireland can ignore this too:

Clear propaganda and shameless with it.

4 thoughts on “Why does only resource rich Scotland need to hear of the UK’s oil and gas dependency?

  1. Not only did I not spot that earlier (meaning the price increases notion is dead), but I also missed the telltale flag for comments (or HYS) so for sure it’s HMS Sarah Smith’s propaganda with the “WE HATE KRANKIE” Choir from Peterborough in da house.

    A quick peruse of lead comments and yep, it’s the Monsanto Chorus “Destroy the Greens”…
    The Choir are also kept busy on the “Covid in Scotland: One in 20 pupils developed virus after contact” article as balance – slagging off both.

    Despite all that has happened recently on the Scottish political front, they insist on keeping alive 3 Green pieces in Scotland/Politics along with the Thunberg misrepresentation, nothing open to comments.

    So “Clear propaganda and shameless with it”, yip….

    Strange with reports galore of HGV driver shortages and supermarkets with empty shelves elsewhere, there would be massive interest from the media, even opening comments from the public.
    Instead “Nothing to see here, but did you hear about the Greens ?”

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  2. Follow up, they’ve dramatically demoted the “UK imported more than half its gas in first three months of 2021”, clearly the slagging the propagandists by TuS, MSM-Monitor and elsewhere is having an impact on HMS Sarah Smith, their AC system must have blown a fuse as temperatures rose, perhaps a “how dare they” or two.

    In place they’ve promoted “Scots to need vaccine passports for large events”, comments open, 269 at six minutes in (Peterborough Choir as usual), but the time shifted to 2 minutes while I flicked between comparisons.

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