Scotland import gas? We produce 82% of the UK’s oil and gas for only 8% of the population!

Clearly delighted with the news, Reporting Scotland gave over a bit of their teeny insert in BBC Breakfast to suggest that Scotland needed to import gas to cook our meals and heat our homes!

How stupid do they think their viewers are? Very.

From Scottish Government figures in 2021:

Statistics announced today by Scotland’s Chief Statistician show that oil and gas production in Scotland, including Scottish adjacent waters, is estimated to have been 77.2 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe). This was an increase of 0.4% compared to 2018, and accounted for 82 per cent of total UK production.

In the latest year, production of crude oil and natural gas liquids (NGL), which account for nearly three quarters of the total, increased by 2.2% to 54.0 mtoe, which is the highest level since 2010. This was slightly offset by a fall of 3.5% in natural gas production, to 23.2 mtoe.

The approximate sales value of oil and gas produced in Scotland is estimated to have been £22.5 billion in 2019. This has fallen by 11.5% compared to 2018 due to a reduction in oil and gas prices. Operating expenditure, not including decommissioning, has increased to £7.5 billion. Capital expenditure in Scottish adjacent waters has increased to £6.1 billion.

And from BBC Scotland’s website in 2019:

A significant gas discovery in the central North Sea is being described as the biggest find in more than a decade.

Or in 2017:

The Culzean field, 145 miles east of Aberdeen is expected to be at peak production in 2020-21 by which time it will be producing enough gas to meet 5% of total UK demand or, of course, more than 50% of Scotland’s total demand.

In April, we heard of another field, west of Shetland, that could fuel 100% of Scotland’s total demand. See:

Scottish Gas output rises as production begins on a new field that could fuel, by itself, all of post-independence Scotland

So, if we have the gumption to go solo in the next few years we won’t be beholden to Putin for Russian gas supplies like most of the rest of Europe.

And in 2014:

On 22nd July, David Cameron became the first serving Prime Minister to visit the island of Shetland in 34 years. The official line on the purpose of the visit is that he was there to make a small policy announcement relating to a household energy deal, while visual evidence supplied through his own Twitter account shows that he also took the opportunity to engage with one of the island’s famous Shetland Ponies.

At the time, the visit went largely unnoticed, but in the weeks it has taken on a whole new dimension, as part of a secretive plot between Westminster and BP to cover up a discovery off the coast of the island that could drastically shift the economic debate in the Scottish Independence referendum in favour of the Yes campaign. In this alternative explanation, the policy announcement and Pony pic were merely to provide cover for him, a politician with no formal geological training or oil exploration expertise, to assess the big find.
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9 thoughts on “Scotland import gas? We produce 82% of the UK’s oil and gas for only 8% of the population!

  1. The UK economy is tanking. Major reduction in production. BBC Scotland. The Nine 20,000 viewers. Few people watch the nonsense anymore.

    Scotland 25% in surplus in fuel and energy and nearer the source. Pays more. Independence will sort it. Bring in £Billions that will not be wasted and mismanaged. A cabal of ignorant, arrogant Westminster unionists. They could not even arrange a few flights for desperate people. £55Billion Military bill.


  2. “How stupid do they think their viewers are? Very.”

    Your question (and answer) unfortunately sums up the whole picture, BBC are already setting up to be the anti-Indy powerhouse outlet we have.
    Thank goodness we have your continuous debunking of their output, but, unfortunately, as yet it’s not reaching enough of the Scottish eyes and brains.
    Let’s hope when the ‘campaign’ starts proper that will change.

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  3. And do please bear in mind these are annual figures, the peak demand for gas in the winter heating phase is enormous.
    The Covid justification sounds decidedly suspect, if anything I’d guess London are eyeing up a price increase….

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  4. The piece about oil and gas production appears only on the Scotland page of the BBC website. It appears to be part of an attack on the appointment of two Green MSPs to the Scottish Government. Much of the article is devoted to an interview Lorna Slater gave to Good Morning Scotland. Below the heading there are three links – one to a report that a US firm is seeking further drilling licences, one tow Mr Ian Wood’s critical comments about oil and gas production, and one to the repeated misleading report on an interview with Greta Thunberg.

    Undoubtedly, this is a BBC Scotland anti-SG propaganda piece. and specifically, anti-Green.

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    1. Absolutely, suddenly Scotland is portrayed as the planet destroying part of the UK, (not a country if course) with all that oil being extracted by them.
      What a clever ploy, keep the country next door shackled, keep the people poor, tell the people they are subsidised and useless, take their land to use as a playground, and remove their massive resources and revenues, for decades upon decades. Then when required, frame the subsidy junkies as planet wrecking with their pretendy green government. Win win for the English treasury, biggest scam of the century.

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  5. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the English government and their media frame the whole fossil fuel extraction that they rely on to keep taking from Scotland, during the COP26 event. What’s the bet that major renewables investment will be announced in England, in fact I saw an article yesterday about hydrogen investment I’ll see if I can find it again.
    Scotland, oil and gas galore, very very bad, England, major leader in renewables, good good good.


  6. The only gas that Scotland is FORCED to import
    like it or not is brought here by the most foul odious blatant propaganda of the ABC (BBC) and their Faithfull little followers in the MSM
    I do believe a scholar of Latin would define their outpourings
    As none other than complete and utter
    Coital Bovine Scatology
    Hence the resulting foul smell of blatant
    Headlines my A**e
    Stink bombing more like


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