Scottish Child Payment has helped more than 108,000 children

Bob Doris for Maryhill and Springburn - Scottish Child Payment

From SNP Media:

Scotland’s tale of two governments is starkly demonstrated today as new statistics show the Scottish Child Payment has helped more than 108,000 children across Scotland since its introduction in February.
It comes as the Tory UK government prepares to cut Universal Credit by the end of September, potentially plunging 20,000 children in Scotland into poverty.
The Scottish Child Payment was introduced by the Scottish Government in February this year and provides £10 a week for eligible families with children under 6. The payment is due to be expanded to children between 6-15 by the end of 2022.
The Scottish Government has also committed to doubling the payment within the current session of parliament in the recent co-operation agreement with the Scottish Greens.
Commenting, SNP MSP and social security committee convener Neil Gray said:
“it is fantastic that 108,000 children are being reached by this payment which is unique in the UK. In just four months, the Scottish Child Payment, described as ‘game-changing’, being introduced by the Scottish Government the payment is reaching roughly 80% of these forecast by the Scottish Fiscal Commission.
“With a combination of support, including the Scottish Child Payment, Best Start Grant and Best Start Foods, eligible low-income families with one child could receive up to £5,200 by the time their child turns six.
“But it’s a tale of two governments as the actions to tackle child poverty the SNP Scottish Government is taking forward stand in stark contrast to the callous moves of the Tories at Westminster and their plans to cut Universal Credit support at a time when the most vulnerable families need it most. Despite warnings that it will plunge 20,000 children in Scotland into poverty, the Tories are still planning on going ahead with the cut.
“This is another clear demonstration by the SNP Scottish Government that the interests of the people of Scotland are best served when decisions are made in Scotland and that’s why we have the democratic right to hold a post pandemic referendum for recovery when the dangers of Covid have passed.”

4 thoughts on “Scottish Child Payment has helped more than 108,000 children

  1. A brilliant step to help eradicate poverty in Scotland. No longer a need for foodbanks. It is being extended going forward. A major step forward. Helping children and families to more equality. Universal credit cuts could also possibly mitigated, through the tax system. Really positive. Scotland needs Independence with support increasing.


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