Scottish Ambulance Service does not need military support.

From BBC Health today:

Nearly 100 members of the Army have been brought in to help four ambulance trusts in England look after patients.

High demand and staffing shortages mean they are being used to work alongside NHS staff.

Ambulance services in the South Central, South West, North East and East areas of England are being supported by the military.

The union, Unison, said it was a “sign things are not right” within the ambulance service.

The pressures on the ambulance service are not just down to the pandemic.

The report does not mention Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, far less report any opposition calls for his head. Labour Leader, Keir Starmer, was unavailable for comment.

Patients and absent staff are to blame.

Further down we read:

The Scottish Ambulance Service says it is under “significant pressure” because of the pandemic, but is not receiving military support.

Wales is not receiving military support.

Northern Ireland is being supported by private contractors, St John Ambulance, and the fire service. Some ambulance crews from the Republic of Ireland have also been helping out in the border area. However, the ambulance service has not had help from the Army.

Douglas Ross has suggested that not using Army staff is treason.

4 thoughts on “Scottish Ambulance Service does not need military support.

  1. That’s what happens when the SNP and Greens form an agreement and as Douglas Ross has already said on the BBC, it’s a recipe for chaos..

    I am stocking up Paracetamol, Elastoplast and plan to watch Dads Army repeats to get me through this period of absolute non crisis within the Scottish NHS.

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  2. The British Army could not take a bunch of mountain dwelling peasants on and win
    Who I believe go by the name of the Taliban
    The British Army is seriously over manned by elite public fee paying school
    The RN has more Admirals than their are capitol fighting War Ships
    Russian Snr.Miltary personnel are on record as saying UK is now a irrelevance


    1. “We” have more marching bands than anywhere else.
      “We” could form a battalion of excess Admirals, Generals and Air Marshalls—not to mention all those in the Lords who consider themselves Masters of the Battlefield.
      Or Master Debaters, perhaps.


  3. More like ‘things are not right within the’ English (UK) government, but they really don’t care for anyone at all but themselves…why do people in England keep voting Tory!


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