Scotland Office ‘serves no real purpose’.

Alister Jack named successor to David Mundell as Scottish Secretary | The  National
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From SNP Media:

A former Tory Scotland Office minister has claimed that the UK government’s Scotland Office ‘serves no real purpose’.

Speaking to the Institute for Government, Lord Ian Duncan said that there ‘wasn’t much to do’ during his two-year spell as a Scotland Office minister and he never spoke to Theresa May or Boris Johnson once during his tenure.

Previous reports have found that spending at the Scotland Office soared last year to £8.5million – a £1.2m increase on the previous year.

Lord Duncan was also scathing of Boris Johnson’s denial of Scottish democracy and said the Prime Minister can no longer tell Scots to ‘shut their pie hole’ on the constitution.

Commenting, SNP MSP Emma Harper said:

“The Scotland Office has become nothing more than a toothless Tory propaganda unit, but millions of taxpayers’ money continues to be spent on staff and advertising.

“For two Tory Prime Ministers to have had no contact with a Scotland Office minister in two years, during those years Scotland was thrown into chaos by the Brexit negotiations, shows just how much contempt the Tories at Westminster have for the people of Scotland.

“Under the realm of Alister Jack, the Scotland Office has become nothing but Boris Johnson’s mouthpiece in Scotland as the interests of the people and businesses of Scotland continue to fall on deaf ears around the Cabinet table.

“This demonstrates again that we cannot trust the Tories to stand up for the interests of the people of Scotland and that we need a referendum for recovery to protect Scotland from another decade of Tory austerity.”


9 thoughts on “Scotland Office ‘serves no real purpose’.

  1. It’s good to get these reports of ‘significant’ things said at events with otherwise low public profiles. There are lectures and panel discussions convened by London-based think tanks on a monthly basis many of which, from the promotional blurb, may have content relevant to Scotland.

    I hope someone may be able to check out and feedback on the online event on 7 September (@6pm) being convened by ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ entitled ‘Labour and Radical Federalism’ starring Anas Sarwar. Excited?

    ( )

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      1. Artyhetty
        But the British embassy is useless
        Just like Our colonial masters Scottish office in Edinburgh is concerned


  2. But, it does serve a real purpose. It supplies daily ‘stories’ and strategies for the three unionist parties, for most of the Scottish press, and the broadcast media. BBC Scotland is its de facto broadcasting department.

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  3. Isn’t it GOOD that the Scottish Agitprop Unit has no real function other than propaganda: no responsibilities: no remit or role to play in our democratic lives.

    Because if it did—then they would have to staff it with people with ability, people of quality and merit—rather than as at present with the dregs of a dysfunctional, low grade Scottish Tory party.

    Like an outpost of the USSR in, perhaps, East Germany, they fill the role of oppressors, denigrating the people and country they are based in, weakening ambition and destroying hope.

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  4. I can’t agree that the Scottish Office ”serves no real purpose ” – it kept these two hapless mendicants ( Mundell and Jack ) out of the Poor House and gave their lives a purpose .
    Otherwise they would have been a drain on society , wandering around the South of Scotland muttering about ”thatessenpee ” and ” Better Together ” , annoying passersby and frightening the horses .


  5. Serve no real purposes. Wasting Scottish funds £Millions on total unionist propaganda. Lie, after lie, after lie. Monies which could be better spent on essential services. The unionists wasters lying their pockets. They have no shame. The unionists gravy train wasting Scottish resources and revenues.

    They want to close down Holyrood. Baseless simpletons. Printing out garbage.


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