SHOCK: Brian Wilson loves lying about Sturgeon

Leaving aside the entertainment value in the above image for the long-term Celtic fan, Brian ‘Bad Vibrations‘, Wilson’s argument that Sturgeon loved calling for public inquiries and so should continue to do so regardless is an odd one.

She has called for an earlier one on the pandemic, than the UK Government wants to see. No doubt he agrees with their strategy to protect the PM from scrutiny.

What is driving Wilson?

As recently as 2016, she was calling for such an inquiry into public private finance deals under the previous administration. 

Previous administration, eh? Oooh was that the New Labour one led by his pal Jack MacConnell and while he, Wilson, was a minister in the Blair cabinet that help launch the wars for which we have paid a bloody price this last two decades. Let’s have another, proper, inquiry into that?

Was that the PFI deal that bypassed local authority building control, resulting in wall collapses and which saddled us with huge debt? In 2017, I wrote:



‘The scale of PFI repayments are now absolutely staggering – showing the sheer incompetence and damaging legacy of the previous Labour and the Lib Dem executive which is holding Scotland back to this day.’

Those are the words of SNP MSP, Ash Denham. Can’t argue with that other than to remind her that some of the school walls built under the scheme have started to fall down on windy days killing, so far, nobody. The projects have been both over-priced and under-supervised

The Courier’s headline was:

‘Toxic’ PFI charges for taxpayer exceed £1bn a year for first time’

That’s right, £1 000 000 000 per year and at least that amount for 25 years. Here’s how the Courier explains the deals:

‘PFI deals, a form of public-private partnership, involve the private sector providing the cash up front for infrastructure such as schools and hospitals, which public authorities then lease back over a period of at least 25 years. Those unitary charge payments, which can also include stumping up for maintenance and cleaning, often exceed the value of the building project itself, with the public body never actually owning the property. Meanwhile, companies can make large profits through guaranteed annual payments.’

Notice that we never actually own the property. A deal with the de’il?

I think we all loved that inquiry.

What other inquiries has she called for, enough to make her a lover of them when it was under ‘the previous administration?’

The blood products scandal inquiry she called for in 2007? That was bad for Labour.

The child abuse scandal revealed in 2004? That was the Tories who called for an inquiry.

I can’t find any others. Is Wilson lying? Should there be a public inquiry into lying by the Labour Party?

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4 thoughts on “SHOCK: Brian Wilson loves lying about Sturgeon

  1. Brian Wilson always was a chaser of a higher position.A minister for Labour involved in the Iaqui war. Strange he started a rag for “Free Press”. how hypocritical of him know. Is he miffed that he didnt get an ermine lined robe.Now just anothe out of touch and out of limelight ex politician.

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  2. Iraq, Lockerbie, Dunblane kept secret for 100 years, Westminster unionists. A whitewash Inquiry. Costs £Trns. Wasted taxpayers monies. Unionist should not be lecturing anyone.

    Hinkley Point, HS2, Trident etc. All a total waste of monies.

    Rangers under legal scrutiny. Compensation. Ferries still getting sorted out. Not a major problem for most people. Fights available. Unionist historical mismanagement and misuse. Corrupt legacy. Failed unionist white noise.


  3. He’s an ‘advisory council member’ on the ‘SBUK’, ‘Scottish business’ OK in the UKOK. Today, they report that Scotland is a massive basket case, with an ‘unprecedented deficit’. Looks like he and his pals at SBUK are somewhat failing Scotland then, given they say their organisation, ‘support the union’. Scotland was in the ‘union’ last time I looked. They have a page, ‘our research’ which looks to just tell Scotland they are being subsidised by England, so stop moaning!

    Wilson has various directorships, and is involved particularly in the energy industry, he likes nuclear.


  4. “an ‘unprecedented deficit’.”?

    House of Commons Library 21 May 2021: ‘In 2020/21 government revenue – from taxes and other receipts – was £793 billion while government spending was £1,093 billion (£1.1 trillion). The deficit was therefore £303 billion, equivalent to 14.3% of GDP, which is a peacetime record.’

    Is a ‘peacetime record’ the same as being ‘unprecedented’ I wonder?


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