Scotland 11 000 years older than England shock

According to Reporting Scotland this morning, the Great Tapestry of Scotland depicts 12 THOUSAND years of history.

Kinda makes you feel proud, doesn’t it from Queen Scota driving back the ice with magic, 12 000 years through three King Ecks just one thousand years ago to the SNP victories in the 21st Century by King Eck IV?

Until I heard that, I thought that Scotland and England were both closer to around just the one thousand years old.

What age are the Reporting Scotland team? Did they do history at school? Arithmetic? Did they mishear ‘prehistory?’

The longer website version makes no such claim of great antiquity for Scotland.

The relentless bias, with GERS about to star for the next few days, is bad enough, but they’re thick too.

17 thoughts on “Scotland 11 000 years older than England shock

  1. 12,000 years going back to prehistoric times. BBC nonsense.

    1200 years of history. Scotland established as Alba United. 800’s. Kenneth McAlpine. Then the various kings. In succession. Look it up. Well documented. Alexander 111 died. Maid of Norway died in a storm returning. 1290. Edward 1 hammer of the Scots. Toom Tarbard. William Wallace. The Bruce’s etc. Declaration at Arbroath 1320. King Robert 1. Letter to the Pope. 1st War of Scottish Independence.

    1603 Union of the Crowns. Act of Union 1707. Bonny Prince Charlie. Jacobite Rebellion 1715 – 1745. The Enlightenment 1750. Clans. The Highland Clearances. 1800’s. 1830=50. European uprisings.

    1st World War. 1928 Universal Suffrage. General Strike. 1930’s Great Depression. 2nd World War. 1950. 1960 onwards. Thatcher 1980’s. 200O Devolution. Soon Independence. Nearly 100 years after Universal Suffrage. 1928.

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  2. Once Scottish History could only be studied at Uni. Now prevalent in the schools. A great history full of gory, guts and glory. Kids will love it. They like exploring. A way of independent learning and enlightenment. There has always been a great support for education in Scotland, The first country to have tertiary education. Scotland has one of the best education systems in the world.

    Scottish Enlightenment, discovery and invention shaped the modern world. Led by education, Democracy, engineering, medical science, TV, radio, telecommunications. Led on to the internet. Changed and shaped the world. Made the world a more interconnected place. More understanding,

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  3. It is 2021, Take 800 away. 1221. Further back BC. Roman times. Prehistoric. Scotland established as Alba 800’s. Before there were tribes. Very few people. Hunters and gatherers. A few thousand. Ice age wiped them out? First people in the world recognised around Iraq/Egypt/Africa. Spread around the world. Greeks/Romans civilisation. Spreading throughout the West. Scotland was covered in forest.

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    1. Tis the History that we are about to make,and the 1st page of the new chapter
      awaits our deeds and words,in order to dip the quill in that dark ink,to write the indelible word upon the blank page
      When a aircraft is taking off the most useless thing is runway behind it

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  4. I just watched a short clip of a film taken by a photographer in the woods somewhere in Scotland, an actual ghost appears, genuinely creepy, could be a few thousand years old?


    1. The irony is that GERS just tells us that Scotland is really not better off under the union, and that the ‘union’ is totally failing Scotland and wrecking Scotland’s economy, and thwarting the future of Scotland’s young people. It’s only going to get worse under the EngGov rule, with their terrible no deal Brexit.


  5. The ice age melt was about 11,000 years ago. In 2016 the Glasgow Uni archeology department working on the five year St. Serfs project near Dunning in Perthshire discovered remains on a field dated 10,200 years ago. These would have been hunter gatherers. They also discovered plough grooves from 6,600 years ago in the same field. So in fact people did live here then although probably with no permanent settlements. The southern North Sea was land allowing easy travel.

    Having said all that interesting stuff I agree with the article sentiments.


  6. I wonder how BBC Scotland news and Current Affairs will cope with the fact that geologically, Scotland actually started in what is now North America as part of the Laurentian orogeny, and oor wee bit split off as the tectonic plates shifted and the Atlantic Ocean appeared and we drifted eastwards until we bumped up against a wee chunk of the Eurasian plate, which after the North Sea flooded a bit, separated from Europe to become England.

    The numbers involved are very large and since BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs can only distinguish between BIG numbers and wee ones, this could be perplexing. Also what is the BAAAAD angle they can get with regard to Scotland?

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    1. Aye I demand we bring back the ‘Lapetus ocean’! That geological faux pas has been so unfair to Scotland.
      Can’t find a good animation there are some, or were. Here is something which descibes how ‘Britain’ was formed. :-/


  7. Treaty of Union became an Act. Upon corrupt agreement, Not honoured in any way, Scotland was not and never has been treated equality. Under the Terms of the Treaty. International Law has been broken. Sets a precedent. The Treaty can be changed by the representatives of both places if the principles are broken. Or not upheld.

    Thatcher part of recent history. Unfortunately. Historical tapestry.


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