Not true

This deficit, more accurately described as ‘notional’ by the Fraser of Allan Institute, is based on the GERS figures.

These figures were specifically developed in the 1990s to counter the case for independence.

They are almost all estimates.

No one knows what the Scottish Government’s tax revenue would be.

They include the cost of debt due to the UK’s trade imbalance over decades despite Scotland’s longstanding trade surplus.

They include the cost of Trident, aircraft carriers and cruise missiles, we would never need or want to have.

The data is manipulated to suggest Scotland is less viable than the other parts of the UK. See Prof Richard Murphy’s demolition of the case:

Why GERS is wrong – yet again

13 thoughts on “Not true


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  2. Gers. An absolute load of nonsense. To cover up what have been taken out of Scotland for years to fund Westminster S/E, illegally taking Scottish revenues and resources. Keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Westminster unionists funding any wasteful nonsense project that comes along. The Tory/unionist cronies. Wasting public monies like their is no tomorrow, especially Scotland’s. £Trns wasted by Westminster poor, bad, illegal decisions and policies.

    No taxation without representation. Scotland outvoted 10 to 1 at Westminster.

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  3. Aye the BBC have pulled in the Gufft-Waffe as predicted with their “Scottish public spending deficit doubles to £36bn” spiel, 400 odd comments from the usual suspects at the time of writing, but even what then what does it actually tell us?
    Mair guff fae HMS Sarah Smith.

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    1. The usual suspects indeed Bob, but I enjoyed the delicious irony of some English commenters working themselves into a froth over “their” money.

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        1. A glance at the “Comments” on Beeb Scotland website is an eye-opener (well, not really as all are as expected). Even mention of ScotIndy ref to be held in England to let us go by a vast majority.

          Gave up reading them after the 10th comment. ( I know, I lasted that long!)

          And most comments seem to come from people with pseudo-Scot names.

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    2. It tells us the ‘union’ is not working for Scotland and it tells us on the other hand, that the BritNats are really pulling the wool over Scotland’s eyes, with their ‘we love you we want you to stay, don’t LEAVE us’, and ‘nine out of ten people in Scotland’ are lazy good for nothing subsidy junkies, and Scotland is free loading off of England but ‘we love you’, in fact, enough not to mind sending our hard earned cash to you lazy Jocks!

      Meanwhile the English treasury is laughing alllll the way to the bank off of Scotland’s oil revenues and other resources and revenues, and having a right old larf at Scotland ha ha ha, especially their government ie the SNP.
      £36 billion…they might as well have said £136 billion for all the made up nonsense of the EngGovs’ GERS scam, or they could just say, what’s ours is ours and whats yours is ours,, lol, (with added two finger gesture like Charlie made with his butchers apron vegy patch on stolen land in Scotland, and visible from space).

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      1. It’s something I’ve danced around for some time Hetty but I very much suspect the propagandists lost the audience the third last time on this roundabout, they got so cock sure of themselves they tried to play the death of a child against a pigeon, a trojan of a Health Minister, the FM and everyone in between in the midst of a pandemic, because “it’s just politics”..

        No it FN well wasn’t ok

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        1. Bob: When their only ammunition is spurious GERS figures then they know their time is running out.

          The Herald, Scotsman and the BBC are giving all they have, but who is listening apart from their dwindling audience?

          The GERS figures are a joke, so treat them that way and turn the argument around to highlight if finances are really that bad under Westminster control, surely Scotland cannot do any worse!

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  4. I have written numerous letters to the press, stating we can only know the true state of the Scottish economy, if the Treasury opens the books for scrutiny over a period of years.
    I have had one letter published, with no responses, because British nationalists don’t want to know the facts.

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    1. More like they are trying their best to hide the facts from the people of Scotland.
      As for the people of England, even though they believe the myth told them that they subsidise Scotland, they still seem to want to own Scotland. Though it sounds like that might be changing. We should really get on the comments pages of the BBC etc and say ‘thanks loads for the free cash from all your hard graft England lol! 😉


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