Is Scotland being sensible in delaying digital vaccine certificates?

Scotland’s opposition parties and attendant medias have been feasting on this opportunity to undermine that SNP Scottish Government just as they did with stories of minimum alcohol pricing not working, baby boxes bursting into flames, widespread anxiety over the definition of a restaurant and stressed out pupils.

Have they considered any evidence that caution is required before you launch a digital certificate?

This kind of evidence:

The drawback to certificates is that if anything goes wrong, the potential fallout can be disastrous. Criminals can create fraudulent websites that appear to be yours, they can create malware that purports to be software originating from you, and they steal credit card details and other valuable information that customers believe only you can decrypt.

Experts revealed that the number of abuses for digital certificates is in constant increase.

We heard only yesterday that Scotland’s Covid app is more than twice as effective as the one used in England and Wales. Should we trust our experts more than BBC Scotland’s tech guy, Jamie (14)?

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4 thoughts on “Is Scotland being sensible in delaying digital vaccine certificates?

  1. Is Dominoe Raab stuck abroad with a dud certificate?
    Is he “chappin'”?
    Will Nelly Oliver ever see sense?
    Has Boris got antibodies against truthiness?
    Can DRossie not get a jag against glaikitness?
    Will DRossie and Cauld-Ham enter a civic partnership?
    Will Starwars feel jilted?
    Is Andra’ Neil finished with Godbless Britain News?
    Is Andra’ Neil finished?
    Where are Wishing Wells and Jackanory Baillie hiding?
    Is it legal?

    Tune in for the next exciting episode of —
    “The Great British fake-off”!


  2. The UK is no longer in the EU. People need proper passports. UK citizens can no longer access EU passport terms and conditions. Westminster has seen to that. There would need to be Agreement. The UK Gov issues passports. Scotland does not have the powers. It is reserved to Westminster. Scotland would not be able to issue recognised digital vaccine passports. There would have to be Agreement with the EU recognised. Brexit has mucked it up, Scotland did not vote for it. Would the EU accept the terms and conditions, They would have to agree. Britain no longer have EU citizen passport rights and access.


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