Scotland falls below Wales to lowest infection rate in UK

After a long period with the second lowest level of infection in the UK after Wales, Scotland now has the lowest level.

Scotland’s media show no interest in this. It was a different and clearly important story when we had the highest level:

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5 thoughts on “Scotland falls below Wales to lowest infection rate in UK

  1. We’re all acutely aware of Scotland’s media mantra, if it’s negative of SG it’s promoted, if not, ignored. UK media picks up the Scottish story and regurgitates it verbatim to a largely clueless England audience.

    Something else you won’t see discussed by any UK media – This appeared on Indyref2 this morning,
    What struck me on reading it was the extent to which “pooling and sharing” is viewed as London outwards, because the media are forced/inclined to project that perception.

    Then I recalled the machine taken from Dundee (genomic sequencing?) south in the early days of the pandemic, and how nothing further was heard of it. Does anybody actually know how crucial it turned out to be ?

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    1. Bob
      Re.genomic sequencing machine taken from Dundee
      It was pretty crucial in identifying, monitoring, locating clusters of the Kent variant as it emerged
      All initial genome identification to begin with is completely random
      Therfore the greater your capacity the greater the ability to find and control any variants that emerge that firstly raise concern
      The variations on Kent were in main involved alterations to the spikes by which covid attach to the host cell
      There was s good few genetic variations
      In this particular area
      Therefore the Scientists would immediately be very alert and concerned.
      No doubt adapting sequencing runs to track ,along with coordioordinating
      With epidemiologists to quickly assess how much more contagious
      Along with front line Medical Professional to identify if more aggressive and immune and vaccine resistant
      I have no doubt whatsoever that Boris the Terrible was regularly being updated
      As more and more results of the genomic results tracking this variant and made well aware of the immediate needs to act expiditiously
      But once more he dithered,hesitated, Gambled and lost AGAIN
      The rest is History
      Stealing this machine has turned out to be A Stone of Destiny indeed

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      1. Thanks for that, much as I surmised.
        Such a crucial piece of kit would have merited an exclusive or at least a special report… Except in Scotland… 🙄


        1. Bob
          Yes it was crucial
          Because in Scotland it could have been used in a very focused basis
          And no doubt whatsoever Nicola would have acted far more effectively and quicker
          But still have to contend with the relentless march over the border of Kent viral soldiers
          The impact on a far greater number of cases,hospital,ICU admissions,long covid, growing waiting SHNS lists,economic and fiscal and Deaths no doubt would have been far less
          But we must fight as always with one hand tied behind our back
          Whilst Westminster makes F**k up after F**k up
          Have none tell you We are Better Together

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