7 thoughts on “Calls for border controls as infections in England surge to 227% higher than in Scotland

  1. Boris Bunter hingin’ aboot infected Staff, but there are zero rules for him.
    He is a one man Covid disaster zone, but he gets a free pass from the Tory media ( which is most of it

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  2. Regarding the BBC reaction..

    If you click on the link you provided and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the article it says..

    “What is the estimated R number in Scotland?

    The R number, or reproduction number, is a way of rating a disease’s ability to spread. It is the average number of people that one infected person will pass the virus on to.

    If the reproduction number is higher than one, then the number of cases increases exponentially.”

    It then provides a graph for you to work out the R number.

    It looks to me, both the higher and lower numbers are under one.

    But I cannot work out the exact numbers.

    I wonder why the BBC cannot just provide the numbers..

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  3. Allowing virus transmission rates to increase as in England with a high level of the population being immunised increases the risk of a mutation that can “escape” the vaccine.

    Chris Smith (naked scientist) on radio Scotland said that we shouldn’t be concerned about this as the UK population is a very small percentage of the world’s population.

    Yes but. . . . . Very few of the rest of the worlds population has had the vaccine! What’s his game? M


  4. One of the most crucial aspects in any public health emergency is public information, yet the contrast between the England and Scottish approaches could not be starker.
    In England the media are visibly in cahoots with the politicians manipulating the news in their political favour, in Scotland the polar opposite.

    The willingness of the media to play London’s politically favourable direction has been frightening, the Marr/Sturgeon debacle a clear case in point of political agenda trumping honest journalism.
    For instance – A massive spike in Newcastle goes unreported whilst they find somewhere else to distract attention. That spike gets diluted in the North East figure, further diluted in E&W figure, then reaches peak dilution in the UK figure, but if Dundee has a spike it gets compared to one of these three to distort the comparison.
    Then when the possibility of the lie being unveiled, India, Brazil, etc articles appear in the media to push the illusion things are better than they are.

    Would England’s performance have improved had the public been better informed than they were ? I suggest it would.


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