Sturgeon demonstrates how to avoid own goals?

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Likely new leader of that other Gang of 4, the Scottish Lib Dems, ACH tries to show us what a big tough guy he is but, up here, we know that stance is just asking for it.


That unconvincing manly stance is popular with winkers like the above but they should have learned a long time ago that it’s a mistake:

PictureThis Scotland on Twitter: "Kenny Dalglish nutmegs Ray Clemence as  Scotland defeat England 2-1 at Hampden. (1976)… "

Yes, 1976, Scotland’s Kenny Dalglish nutmegs the England keeper Ray Clemence, sliding the ball between his too spread legs.

Scotland’s First Minister knows better and is, of course, the most popular politician in the UK.

Nicola Sturgeon – Who is the SNP Leader? –

If I’d been Clemence, I’d have just booted it away. Like this.

9 thoughts on “Sturgeon demonstrates how to avoid own goals?

  1. Unionist Parties own goals are legendary. They get everything wrong repeatedly. Killing people prematurely, responsible for billions of deaths and £trillions of wasted funds and energy. Crimes against humanity. Unionist parties on the make and on the take.No wonder there are so few members. Shafting everyone.

    They are fooling no one with their stance or their greedy, manipulating, wasteful policies.

    The (unionist) councils are responsible for the increase in drug deaths. Their policies. In defiance of the Scottish Gov. The Party members are responsible for the drug deaths and every other deficiency. Poverty, premature deaths. At a local level. The so called ‘local democracy. What a joke. They could not organise anything. On the make and on the take. Maliciously defying Gov policies. Wasting public monies like there is no tomorrow. On nonsense. Instead of essential services of their responsibility. Unionist party members most are not fit for public office. The so called “local democracy”. What a joke. Manipulated vote. STV. Introduce by unionist Parties. A cabel of crooked actions.

    That is why there are so few members. In these malicious parties. Unionist party on the make and the take. They are fooling no one. Calling Wolf repeatedly for their own total failure. Lying, cheating hypocrites. Trying to blame others. Then they have the affront to blame the Scottish Gov.

    Liberal Dem. Just another political poseur failure. An affront to responsibility or justice, Responsible for vicious cuts in essential public services. Brexit and even more premature deaths. Calling Wolf repeatedly just does not cut the mustard. They are toxic. Fooling no one. Plastic waste of space. Cluttering up the local tip waste. Recycled rubbish. As Green and smelling as a lump of cheese. As ineffective. Howling at the moon.

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  2. “Alexa”.
    “Yes, what do you want”?
    “Alexa, what policies do the Lib Dems have”?
    “They/I have none, though in public they/I have ‘stances'”.
    “Alexa, what then do the Lib Dems want”?
    ” They/I want to be in coalition, but only with other British nationalist parties. They/I seek media exposure. They/I want expenses and big limousines. They/I want to be ‘respected’ as the Third Party. They/I want federalism, but only if all power and authority is in Westminster. They/I wish to reform the House of Lords when we have enough Peers in place to do so. A majority of Peers, that is”!
    “Alexa, what is one good policy do the Lib Dems pursue”?
    “They/I do God work with children, and have won awards for this.
    They also had some in the past who REALLY, REALLY, like children.
    But they/we don’t like to talk about this, or how we tried to keep the public from finding out”!
    “Thank you Alexa. We will get back to you when you are reduced to three, then two and then disappear up your own fundament, due to a total lack of public interest in your tricks and stunts”.

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  3. Unionists Parties PR nightmare, especially in Scotland. They could not organise anything , successfully, except to line their greedy pockets. No wonder their are so few of them. Total immoral hypocrites. The list is endless for their gross incompetence. On the make and on the take a shower of complete incompetents.


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