Trade union rumours masquerading as news


Dr Lewis Morrison is media regular. He’s paid to be one. He may style himself ‘chair of the BMA’ as if he is a prof leading a research institute but, really he’s a trade union convenor looking after his members’ interests.

NHS staff are not ‘very worried’. That’s just his pitch. You’d need a professionally administered survey of thousands in a random sample to say that kind of thing. He has no such evidence.

On his claim of cancelled operations:

Look at the solid grey line. That’s operations cancelled due to the unavailability of a surgeon or of a theatre. At the end of May it was just over 1%, down a touch from May 19, likely to have risen to just over 2% in the recent Covid infection surge but that has already decreased.

On staffing issues, Scotland has far more GPs (like Morrison) than other parts of the UK:

GP numbers by UK region

And, if you have time:

First on GP staffing:

Scottish patients have far better access to GPs than those in England

BBC Scotland’s fake news on GPs ‘overwhelmed’ by workloads

Reporting Scotland all quiet on surgery closures and GP shortages as BBC 1 shoot them in the foot again!

SHOCK Scotland has far more staff including consultants and GPs per head of population

Second on Nurse staffing:

As NHS England is pulled into ethnic nationalist self-destruction why there is no Scottish crisis in nurse staffing

Scotland’s nursing and midwifery staffing and student recruitment are Miles better!

SHOCK NHS Scotland has 50% more nurses per head of population!

Scottish Tories reveal strong improvements in nurse supply under SNP

25% increase in number of nurses to work with young people needing mental health services

Scottish student nurse and midwifery numbers reach record high as they plummet in Toryland

Nurse vacancies in Scotland only a fifth per capita of those in ‘Dear Old Blighty’ blighted by Toryism

Third on other health care staffing:

Scotland has 10% of the population but 17% of the health visitors and fewer post-natal deaths after SNP government increases staffing by 25%

Radiography staffing vacancies running at ‘healthy’ 5% in Scotland

NHS Psychology staffing soars nearly 40% under SNP

10% of the population yet 13.2% of the paediatricians: why the health of Scotland’s children is NOT being put at risk by staff shortages 

NHS Scotland spends 9% less on private agency locum neurologists as FT staffing rises


10 thoughts on “Trade union rumours masquerading as news

  1. NHS personal will cope in the usual way, with kindness, help and professionalism. Not discredited by a member. Thank goodness for the (S)NHS. Totally brilliant. Thanks for all they do.

    NHS budget increased from £139Billion to £145Billion. Life expectancy going down under the Tory Gov. Vote Tory to die younger. 120,000+ in the south. 1/2million+ people die in the UK each year. Mainly of old age. More in the winter on average than the summer.

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  2. The Scottish media is just an echo chamber for SNP/SG BAD stories , generally from political nobodies and their compadres in either the BMA , Anas Sarwar’s in-laws or the SIU – sometimes they are all of these at the same time !!

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    1. I think it would add both to the power of your argument and to fostering a climate of respectful debate if you used Mr Sarwar’s given first name, rather than trying for a dodgy laugh.
      You’re making an important point – so why spoil it?

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      1. By coincidence, I saw this just this afternoon written on a small plaque in a craft shop window:

        “Use soft words and hard arguments.”

        No idea the origin – anyone? – but it probably has merit in many circumstances!


    2. It’s not even ‘Scottish media’ though really, same as the Labour, Tory and Libdems parties are not ‘Scottish’ they are all based in London and take their orders from there. Much of the ‘media’ is based in or around London or even abroad, the ‘political nobodies’ are given a voice, and that is enough to brainwash people. It’s all part of the BritNat states’ propagnada war on Scotland, they want rid of the FM and the SNP, simple. It will only get worse in the run up to the next independence referendum, in fact it will be full on war or words, like we have never seen before.

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  3. When schools go back in Scotland the media will switch from health to education again. They have nothing else, their propoganda is all about undermining the work of the Scottish government who are actually trying to save lives and repair the damage of years of Labour controlled government at Holyrood, and decades of Labour controlled councils in Scotland.

    The BritNat states’ propaganda war against Scotland is actually very sinister indeed, working against the democratic will and rights of the people, nothing new, but it’s certainly being ratcheted up, I wonder why.

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  4. The (unionist) councils have much to do with mucking up governance of essential services having been given the relevant budget. Healthcare and education. Unionist parties, unionist Press fool naebodie. No wonder people get depressed.


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