Residents still at great risk in English care homes for the elderly

100% of Scotland’s care home residents have been fully vaccinated for some time now. NHS Lanarkshire completed the task in March 2021.

97.6% of staff have had the first vaccination and 94.4% have had the second dose.

Two doses do not of course confer full immunity so it is important that staff are also 100% vaccinated.

In England, the situation is less reassuring, despite the PM’s claims of a ‘world-beating’ rollout.

98.5% of residents have had both jags in English care homes for the elderly but only 78.4% of staff are fully vaccinated. This is a very disturbing figure.

2 thoughts on “Residents still at great risk in English care homes for the elderly

  1. With shortages ( growing since Brexit ) of Care Staff there is also the risk of peripatetic staff carrying the virus from one location to another ( e.g the Skye Care Home tragedy ) as Private Home owners maximise their staff to maintain their profits .

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  2. Not strictly on this topic, but on the BBC website, there is a headline: “84 million vaccinations given in UK”. What they have done is add the number of first and second vaccinations, to give a big number, which is about 25% more than the total UK population.

    This is “Isn’t Britain great?” propaganda.

    I saw little of the sterling efforts in Wales, particularly with regard to second vaccinations, or of the fact that a greater proportion of people in Scotland have received at least one vaccination than in most countries. BBC Scotland, of course, has been putting a negative, Labour inspired slant: “One third of young Scots still to be vaccinated.”


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