Annie Wells wouldn’t know drastic action if it….

In April 2020 in the Glasgow Times:

MORE than 80% of drug injectors in Glasgow would use a safe consumption room and the service could help those most at risk of dying from overdose, a major study has found. The first Scottish research of its kind involving 1469 drug users found that 75 per cent would be willing to use a supervised service but support was highest in Glasgow at 83 per cent. Willingness was greater among people who reported injecting heroin (76%), cocaine (79%), and those with experiences of homelessness (86%), public injecting (87%) and recent overdose (80%) suggesting drug consumption rooms (DCRs) could lead to a significant reduction in drug deaths.

I feel sure the Scottish Tories will be right on this evidence after they decided the SNP had betrayed drug users here and Annie Wells wrote to Boris to ask for his help. He was as good as his word and authorised a conference in Glasgow to launch the ‘caring conservative’ strategy to solve the problem. The conference was on 27th February.

I don’t know if they discussed DCRs (drug consumption rooms). MSPs had reviewed the evidence and backed the idea two years ago:

The Scottish Conservative’s position, if they have anything like a collective view, remains stubbornly unchanged:

Annie Wells, Conservative MSP for Glasgow said that she fundamentally does not support the creation of safe injection facilities and called for a whole sector led drug strategy review and an open discussion on what the drawbacks of a safe injection facility would be.

‘An open discussion on what the drawbacks of a safe injection facility would be?

Yes, let’s have one of those. I feel sure the Tories will have looked at this since the Scottish Parliament’s report two years ago. The Scottish Secretary must know:

Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has admitted carrying out zero research on the effectiveness of drug consumption rooms as the death rate has gone through the roof. Right-wing ministers at Westminster have remained rigidly against any loosening of the Misuse of Drugs Act, which bans the possession and handling of drugs, despite a massive majority of politicians north of the Border favouring a complete overhaul.

Actually, they don’t need to:

The largest review ever undertaken, of 349 research studies, from across the globe though mostly in Europe, carried out by the Centre for Criminology at the University in South Wales in 2017, found that ‘safe’ or ‘supervised’ injection rooms significantly reduced drug-related harms, dramatically cut mortality and offered a range of benefits for the wider population, in terms of reduced crime, nuisance in public spaces, violence and trafficking.

Scottish Conservatism doing nothing for you because you’re worthless to them.

7 thoughts on “Annie Wells wouldn’t know drastic action if it….

  1. When Donald Dewar set up the Scottish Parliament drugs legislation was one of the things to be devolved, but some of his Labour colleagues in Cabinet opposed it. In many ways, Labour has, historically, been more socially conservative than the Tories.

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  2. The Tory/unionist councils do nothing to provide proper total abstinence rehab facilities. The Tory Gov cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. The Tory Gov does nothing to fund proper total abstinence rehab facilities. They have all closed or have to be funded privately. Instead of the Tories blaming everyone. Facilities have closed.

    NHS funding is increased from £139Billion to £145Billion. There are still no proper total abstinence rehab facilities under the NHS. A recent report confirmed. Putting people on methadone for years, as bad as drug addiction. People die because they are prescribed methadone and take other substances.

    The Scottish Gov has recently funded addiction services £250million. (5 years). The facilities should be provided under the NHS. Doctors should be able to refer people. Spend £Millions to save £Billions. Costs of social services, welfare, fire, additional NHS care, police etc. Prison costs £40,000 a year. Crime is committed by people under the influence of drink/drugs. Instead of getting people well and into work.

    The Tories have increased Defence spending £5Billion. £55Billion. Illegally selling arms worldwide. Trident £Billions. Scotland revenues are misused.


    1. “An open discussion…”

      “…on what the drawbacks of a safe injection facility would be?”

      Surely an “open discussion” would lead to something approaching the correct conclusions?

      Looking for drawbacks is an answer looking for a question.


  3. Annie Wells and her BritNat pals at Holyrood are perfectly content to see people suffer and die, as long as it means they can get on the front pages of their BritNat rags to blame the SNP. Wells is a mouthpiece, her role is not to work in the interests of the people of Scotland, but to mouth off SNP bad stories in the media. The BritNats should just stick a megaphone on a manikin, it would cost less.


  4. “Annie Wells and her BritNat pals at Holyrood are perfectly content to see people suffer and die,”

    Or maybe they think (seriously) as my mother used to say (jokingly) “I hate to see people suffer. I’ll shut my eyes…”


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