Reporting Scotland: Shouting ‘Theatre!’ in a crowded fire

The excellent, perceptive and fast MSM Monitor, as often, makes the point before I can.

They describe what Reporting Scotland does as ‘theatre‘ rather than ‘news‘. That’s spot on. Effective propaganda needs to go beyond factual news to dramatize the carefully selected themes such as ‘failure‘ to hit a target even though it is not a target, even though the same performance in England, Wales and N Ireland, is not presented there as a failure and, of course, even though that supposed failure has been cherry-picked from a wider context of greater success than in those other places.

So, a response:

First, the Scottish Health Secretary rebuts the ‘failed target’ notion:

Second, only Reporting Scotland with typically Good Morning Scotland and Kay Adams have this tendency to operate effectively as tools of the opposition parties. There has been no talk of comparative failure of governments elsewhere nor images of political leaders, to suggest blame. Even the BBC Scotland website has not covered the story.

Notably, the opposition parties elsewhere in the UK hold back from attacking supposed government performance on health matters for fear of seeming petty and disloyal or of undermining an important strategy to save lives.

Surely , this means something? Does it reflect the different audiences for TV, radio and online? Is the NO vote concentrated in the first two and is this a strategy to keep it thinking that Scotland and its government are not fit?

Third, what is not being covered that might threaten the above thinking?

For several weeks, Scotland has been vaccinating more than the other 3 nations.

Scotland has far lower infection levels than 2 of the 3.

The Scottish Government’s management of the pandemic has saved the lives of thousands.

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7 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland: Shouting ‘Theatre!’ in a crowded fire

  1. OT, I see 10 minutes ago BBC/Scotland/Politics finally removed top billing of their bogus “Covid in Scotland: Thousands turn off tracking app” story…
    After 3 or 4 days (despite the 2 day tag) attention is finally shifted to “Fresh bid to save McVitie’s biscuit factory from closure”, which at least is based on facts not speculation….

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    1. Oh they’ll try to spin that against the SG rather than the real culprits, the business who want to get rid of Scots jobs in preference to English ones.

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  2. “BBC Scotland Misleading ” it’s Audience

    Distorting voices on Radio Scotland

    Ever since Humza Yousaf became the health secretary every time he is interviewed it sounds as id he is talking over a very poor Skype line. At times his voice is extremely high pitched and scratchy . . . I find it impossible to understand his message. Whilst the interviewer appears to have no problem.

    This morning Ivan McKee was interviewed by the lovely Laura Maxwell. As usual Ivan was excellent. Often LM would talk over him when he was talking. . . This didn’t put off Ivan who continued to finish his point. In my opinion his voice was interfered with then the volume was turned down giving the impression that he had stopped talking.

    Whilst over on Radio2 Ken Bruce’s Pop Your Clogs Master the callers voices are never distorted, clear as a bell.

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    1. I was about to post about the interview of Ivan McKee by Sleekit Worm-tongue. She asked seven questions and interrupted six times. The first time was in response to her question about the causes of staffing shortages in hospitality, when he mentioned Brexit, she immediately interrupted and spoke at length. Listeners could hear that Mr McKee was still answering the question so she was clearly trying to drown him out.

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  3. They lie and distort because they, the BBC, are paid for by taxes, managed by a board of Government appointed trustees and are an instrument of the State. Identical to Pravda.

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