Annie Wells told to go back to school

Long thought to be one of the blunter pencils in the Tory pencil box, Annie Wells has apparently told ‘The SNP’ to ‘get a grip after figures show worst A& E waiting times since 2018.’

I’ve just watched the FM’s tired but funny response to the lack of intelligence shown by members of the opposition parties and journalists in assessing the vaccination rollout figures for the 40-49 year-olds, so Wells’ lack of grey matter is just more of the same.

So, 78.7% of 26 193 attendances in the week-ending 18 July 2021 were seen in 4 hours.

In the previous week, 80.1% of 25 418 were seen in 4 hours.

78.7% of 26 193 is 20 614.

80.1 of 25 418 is 20 360.

The difference is statistically insignificant.

The June average was 83.6%.

The hot spell in the last week will have increased the numbers of those outside taking risks as we say all-too-tragically in Loch Lomond last weekend.

In England in June only 73.2% were seen in 4 hours, compared to 80.1% in Scotland.

NHS England data for July is not yet published.


7 thoughts on “Annie Wells told to go back to school

      1. aLurker
        And may i add to some more fitting labels for her
        Economical with truth
        Hard of Thought
        Purveyor of inexactitudes
        Crainally challenged
        Devoid of Wisdom
        Full of Coital Bovine Scatology
        A woman of no substance


  1. The other thing to remember is that NHS Scotland staff will be taking their holidays – well deserved holidays – so reduced staffing. How long do MSPs get off over the summer?

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  2. Annie Wells ”going back to school ” – but which school ?

    Her bio on Wiki gives her ”Early Life and Career ” as a retail manager at M and S !
    No mention of any schooling , education etc … One has to presume that she sprung fully formed from the breach as an M&S professional .

    So she is not just any incompetent Tory MSP – she is an M&S incompetent Tory MSP !

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