Young people are not slowing Scotland’s vaccine drive but BBC does threaten it

In the latest of a sequence of negative reports, BBC Scotland seek to worry us with more misrepresentation.

Vaccine uptake in Scotland's under-65s. First doses by % of each age group. About 95% of the 55 to 59-year-old cohort had been given a first jab before the take-up rate began to level off. In 50-54s it was about 90%.
In 40 to 49-year-olds the graph began to level off at 85%, and in 30 to 39-year olds it was at 75%. Each group has since added another five percentage points to its total. The line for 18-29 year-olds has not yet levelled off, but appears to be slowing somewhat at around 70%. .

Looking at this graph, free of any confirmation bias, the under 29s are still increasing fast and at even a slightly less steep climb, will close the gap with the under 40s and the under 50s in a week or two.

In some ways the under 55s are more of a worry, plateauing at just over 90%. Are too many of them reading the anti-vaxxers?

Needless to say the BBC report does not consider two obvious factors in slowing the uptake – Rogue Tory media statements from the likes of Desmond Swayne telling anti-vaxxers to persist, Douglas Ross urging quicker relaxation of measures on the SNP and the BBC promoting misinformation:

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3 thoughts on “Young people are not slowing Scotland’s vaccine drive but BBC does threaten it

  1. It’s the “Why might young people be less likely to want a jab?” section where the payload shows up, the “There is also an element of distrust in politicians” featuring the slow lifting of restrictions, the choice of vaccines, the prevalence of infection, yada, yada…
    Amazing what Philip Sim can extrapolate from a sample of 2 people in the age group referred to and one clearly not at 48, all inferring SG are somehow at fault.

    Frankly, I doubt any young folks pay much if any attention to BBC News items, they’re almost universally recognised as a propaganda factory among that age group, this seems more aimed at parents and grandparents to make them worry unnecessarily, and deflect from looking at England.

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  2. BBC Scotland has long now been seen by so many as the media equivalent of ”the boy who cried wolf ” .
    They have as much credibility as Jackie Baillie’s calculator or Murdo Fraser’s ability to win elections -viz ZERO !

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  3. I see this morning the latest “concern” article from HMS Sarah Smith is “Why are Scotland’s emergency departments so busy?” with a Lisa Summers “Analysis” which concludes with this statement :
    ” Staff say they are doing the best they can, but they are exhausted and morale is low, with no expectation that things will cool off any time soon”

    Presuming this to be yet another example of the “don’t ask about England/look at bad SNP” diversion strategy, looked for comparisons – Nothing on the UK or England or NI, but an article on Wales “NHS Wales: Promise to transform service to cope with demand”.
    Now compare this summary to the Lisa Summers comment:
    “”It’s not just here in Wales that we’re seeing this unprecedented level of demand on the emergency ambulance service, and indeed on the NHS as a whole,” Mr Killens said. Our staff have been doing fantastic work for 18 months through the pandemic, and with this warmer weather, they are working in extremely difficult conditions and I pay tribute to them because they’ve all been fantastic.”
    Honest journalism in Wales, again….

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