Humza Yousef praised as infection levels plummet to third in UK

At 49 per 100 000 compared to 69, the infection level in Scotland is little more than half that in England.

From the ‘Covid capital of Europe’ to the second lowest in the UK and well below the Netherlands too, the infection level in Wales may soon pus us into last place.

Though BBC Scotland prefers still say infection levels are climbing across the UK, they have now been falling in Scotland for 13 days. Might that be a trend, Sarah Smith?

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf has been widely praised for this achievement and his intelligent agreement with the closure of the Hydro mass vaccination centre.

Along with clear messaging by him and the FM, greater consequent compliance with measures, Health Secretary Yousaf has been praised for the likely effect of ever-increasing vaccination rollout as a factor in only Scotland being able to turn round the recent infection surge caused by the PM being thick.

BBC Scotland’s computer systems must be down as they have not reported the above trends.

8 thoughts on “Humza Yousef praised as infection levels plummet to third in UK

  1. John
    The ABC (BBC)
    Master computer is most certainly down
    I do believe it has been put into Quarantine at Checquers
    Smoke was seen coming out its ventricles as the pre installed programing suffered a major clitch

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  2. ā€œHealth Secretary Yousaf has been praisedā€

    Why him?

    Surely it is Jeane Freeman who deserves the praise?


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